Why Does My Dack Sound Like Schmackety Schmack??

I bought a Ack! Dac! - it sounds very good when using my NAD CD player as a source (I would characterize the sound as 'smooth' - no digital fatigue in any way)
BUT, when I use the Ack! with my computer it does not sound good at all - very unbalanced sound - bass way too loud.. not smooth.

My computer has a M-Audio Delta 1010 card. So, with the DAC! and the computer I'm using the Delta 1010 SPDIF out into the Ack! DAC! and then the DAC out to my preamp.

Actually the analog output of the 1010 (using its own DAC) is pretty decent - though a bit 2 dimensional....close to, but not quite up to audiophile standards.

Any ideas why the output of my computer is not sounding good at all, and what I could do to improve it. Note that, while I do have much compressed music on my computer, I am comparing non-compressed wave files for the purpose of evaluating the computer DAC connection
What ever player you are using on the PC, make sure you don't have any equalization or crappy surround effect turned on, like the SRS thing in WMP.
- J
I don't know anything about Dack but if you still use a soundcard, try using ASIO or Kernal Streaming. That bypasses all the Windows garbage that can effect the sound.