Why does MQA not sound good in my system? Confused

When I got my MQA enabled DAC, I jumped on masters on tidal. Then I started comparing them to non-masters and not one Master sounds better than regular files. In fact, quite the opposite. My Brinkmann DAC is known for doing MQA well. I have a highly resolving system. I use a linear power supply for the modem, have the fiber and Ethergen setup. Sounds fabulous ... unless it is MQA. The MQA letters show up on the DAC display so it is being recognized. When I used Roon, MQA did not sound great but when I moved to mcontrol the SQ got significantly better than Roon and the difference was amplified. 
Becauae it is a compression scheme designed the relieve you of your long green 
Lossy compression + the addition of a flavor...  Kind of like baking a cake without the sugar and then adding vinegar...
I'll say it again,
MQA is just the Dolby of the 21st century. The latter made a ton of money getting people/studios to believe they're technology made a difference.
MQA wants to do the same.
mqa - an answer to a question no one asked

highly variable and inconsistent sq at best
Thank you sir. Back in the dark ages when I was driving my handle was tube steak. But everyone called me toober.

MQA is a solution for a problem that never existed.
I grabbed the 4 for $4 Tidal deal but I haven't even tried MQA. Maybe I should before I quit.
I completely agree with this assessment. I've been trying to detect a difference in MQA for years,  and I still fail to  see the improvement even with a nice DAC. To me, Qobuz always sounded better. I thought I was missing something. 
Do yourself a favor, steer clear of Roon DSP (disable that puppy) and MQA. Sign up with Qobuz and enjoy the best streaming quality currently available. 
MQA in my opinion sounds worst.  It’s a money grab.  Neil Young pulled his entire catalog.  As he says it’s  not the way his Masters sound.  I had Tidal for years and finally switched to Qobuz.  To my ears it sounds much better and costs less.