Why does most new music suck?

Ok I will have some exclusions to my statement. I'm not talking about classical or jazz. My comment is mostly pointed to rock and pop releases. Don't even get me started on rap.... I don't consider it music. I will admit that I'm an old foggy but come on, where are some talented new groups? I grew up with the Beatles, Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix etc. I sample a lot of new music and the recordings are terrible. The engineers should be fired for producing over compressed shrill garbage. The talent seems to be lost or doesn't exist. I have turned to some folk/country or blues music. It really is a sad state of affairs....Oh my god, I'm turning into my parents.
I should stop living in denial and get one of those AARP cards.
I live now for discounts.
Just curious.

Does This suck?

Pretty girl, nice sax part, good beat, millions of views.

What's not to like?

I have the CD at home. SOund quality ain't bad either.
06-05-13: Simao
I'm not sure what the deal with "civility" is. I mean, are we to handle every utterance and statement with kid gloves? ... I don't think audiogon is the domain of sycophants.
This is a false contrast. There is a whole continuum of behavior in between hostility and sycophancy. Somewhere in the middle is civility.

And with that comment, I give up. Enjoy yourselves, gentlemen.

Nonoise wrote:
"Something alluded to but not fully fleshed out is that as I grow older, I find myself less tolerant of what I consider bad music."

In some ways this tangentially supports Goose's original statement. I mean, how much "sucky" music did we tolerate, listen to, and even celebrate when we were teens and 20-somethings? And how much harder is it now for us in our 30-50's to actually latch on to a new act with as much gusto as before?

Less tolerance also equals more caution and suspicion of new music and artists.

And less patience to put up with standards that fall below what we've built up within ourselves.

Not to be chauvinist, but it also works the same with women (and vice versa, I suppose). The older we get, the less b.s. we're willing to put up with in order to get to the sweet spot.
After reading the posts a couple of thoughts come to mind. During my youth there was also Rock/Pop music that I didn't like but I would always have my go to groups. It seems like there was lot more "go to" groups.

I also think that I am less tolarant of mediocre talent and production as mentioned above. I also have a hypothesis that when individuals actually had to play an instrument to make music, there was a greater possibility of something good being produced.