Why does it sound less dynamic?

It has been a great puzzle to me. I have upgraded my whole chain from a SFL-2 with a PA-7 STASIS amp from Nakamichi connected to some PBJs, three Racing cones connected to a pair of Gershman X-1s, and SW-1 companion woofers and some old japanese digital front end (CHEAP*) and switched the power cord to Synergistic Master Couplers and the set up sounded explosively dynamic etc . . . .and since then, I switched to Sonic Frontiers Power 2, and added the BEL CANTO DAC-1, to my Panasonic DVD player, which was wired with Synergistic Research Alpha Sterlings and the whole set up sounds worser than before. The soundstage is less dynamic, the inmediacy is gone and overall, I feel a lot less excited by the results. I would say that somehow the digital sound sounds a little more artificial and annoying than before. What is wrong? Is the amp slow sounding? Is the digital front end bad? What caused this problems? I need help with this connondrum

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First I would check and make sure your amp and preamp are working properly and no tubes are defective. Also, make sure you are not getting any bad power spikes or RFI problems. I am not familiar with your speakers. I have a Bel Canto and have found that with the wrong cables and transport, it can sound closed in or bland. If you are using the power cord that came with the Bel Canto, suggest you replace that with almost anything else. I had to experiment for awhile until I got a combination of cables that worked best. Also, the Bel Canto takes a few weeks to settle in. I am not convinced that a DVD player is the best transport to use, but rather than get rid of it, a cost effective upgrade may be to get a used jitter reduction device.