Why does foobar stop & display

I just purchased a Wyred 4 Sound DAC II, and play FLAC files off a PC with Vista OS via WASAPI and foobar (using USB). Most every time I play a playlist, after 3 or 4 tracks, foobar will stop and display a "too much buffer" error. I can close the error message and continue, but changing the buffer settings on foobar doesn't fix the problem. Does anyone know what can be done?
Do you have the W4S driver installed and selected in foobar?
I'm using foobar & W4S DAC 2 combo, from Windows 7 OS and via kernel streaming though, without any issues whatsoever...
Yes, Thanks for your response. I've done that. Lately it doesn't happen all the time, so it's not a huge problem. I have to admit that I don't know much about "kernel" sttreaming, though I've heard about it. Is it only done with OS 7, as opposed to Vista?
No, kernel streaming in not Windows 7 specific. You may find more support on foobar forum or asking Wyred 4 Sound directly, over the phone or via email. They are great guys and will help you, no doubt about it.
Many thanks! I'll look into again.
It's a wasapi issue. When using wasapi with a USB dac or converter, it seems to get confused as to which buffer it should be using. I encountered this exact problem. Switch your output to Kernal Streaming and the problem will go away. (The Kernal Streaming component can be found on the Foobar components web page. Just put the .dll into the Foobar/components directory.)