Why does cd mat work?

I recently bought a cd mat which goes on top of the cd when playing. At first I was skeptical about the advertising claim on the packaging that it improves sound. After I tried it out, I was pretty stunned, to say the least, about how much improvement it made to the sound. The cd mat apparently gave the recording a lot more clarity and details. It almost seemed as if I have upgraded my cd player significantly. My cd player is a Krell 250cd. How does the cd mat work? Can someone enlighten me with some knowledge in this area? Thank you.
I have tried every CD mat known to man and have yet to find one that improves the sound, what mat are you using?

Is your Krell CDP top loading or front drawer loading?
My Krell 250cd is a front drawer loading player. I use Lexicon MC-1 as the preamp/processor, and B&W Nautilus 801 as my main front speakers.

I am a US expatriate working in Taipei, Taiwan. I got this cd mat at an high-end audio show here last week.

On the packaging of the cd mat, it says Safari CD Mat with a "TM" mark next to Safari for trademark, and U.S.A. on the bottom of the Safari logo.

It is distributed by a company in Hong Kong called Top Music International with www.topmusic.com as its website. I just checked out its website. It has got some interesting audiophile cds, but not the cd mat which I bought shown on the website.

Hope this helps!
Well I can remember 3 I tried, CD Blacklight, Marigo Crossbow, Statmatt, and one other whose name escapes me.
I have experience no real benefit when using any of the above in my system, one problem is when drawer closes added disc can sometimes move off center causing slippage, I think they work better in top loading CDPs. Thin discs tend to warp/buckle if you are not careful etc.

Of course main benefit claimed by these discs is more accurate reading of data from disc, less error correction needed by your CDP. This is acheived by removing static charge, absorbing/stopping stray laser light, adding mass to CD etc,etc.

If you found one that works for you great, this is the "holy grail" of tweaks because nothing could be simplier
to use......I will have to keep my eye out for "Safari" disc
and may give it a try if price is reasonable.
I've used the cd Blacklight with success. Was surprised how good the auric illuminator is so I've stopped using the blacklight as it is a bit of a hazzle......cheers, Bluenose