Why do you think Bi-Wiring improves the sound ?

I now know of 3 people that have converted their speakers to be bi-wired but are not bi-amping .

What is your experience or opinion on why bi-wiring without bi-amping might or does sound better ?

I am concidering converting my speakers but I do not want to be fooled by the addition of increased AWG .

"It all comes down to HOW WAS IT DESIGNED!!"

You must be one hell of a confident dude if you genuinely believe you can easily mod the 801s for better sound.

I used to be similarly ’confident’ but eventually, after only a mere 15/20 years of wasting time and money, the penny sunk.

To upgrade - buy a better product - but if funds are tight right now, wait. Throwing good money after bad never works.

Think about it, one man versus all the resources and all the know-how of the mighty Bowers & Wilkins.


So Do You THINK bi-wiring improves sound ?

I did biwire for my very first Yamaha amp - and I loved the biwire sound much much better with my JBL towers. $300 amp + $300 speakers - joined me into the audio world. 

I am a big fan of biwiring.

@millercarbon  I concur with your early post.  I used to bi-wire my speakers until I purchased more expensive wiring.  I had a heavy gauge woofer wire and a smaller gauge mid/tweeter wire (same manufacturer, similar design).  About 12 years ago, the manufacturer provided a superior jumper and superior speaker cable.  The overall improvement over the bi-wire was evident.  I've upgraded the speaker cable once more.  Outstanding sound, with a bass jumper.  Plus, I saved 50% on another set of cables.  I was never a fan of solid copper jumpers for bass (never for mid/tweeter) that speaker manufacturers supplied (too crude and sounds that way).  
Short answer: There is no silver bullet answer.

(1) it depends on your bespoke system entirely , AND ,
(2) improvements from bi-amping rather than bi-wiring is another different animal entirely.

NORDOST has a brief commentary:

They also highlight that a shotgunned double run of quality cables with quality jumpers instead of bi-wires may be your best bet.... But take it for a test drive yourself.

CHORD has their two-bits worth in the same vein.... CHORD no longer makes dedicated bi-wires and also suggest that quality single runs with matched jumpers may be your better performers. http://www.chord.co.uk/help-and-informa ... ngle-wire/

My own personal experiences: a shotgunned double-run with matched shotgunned jumpers of high-end cables in the diagonal speaker hookup arrangement suggested by the NORDOST article beat all bi-wires in my system.

This is what most of the prior posts have already laid out .... go get a better set of cables .