Why do you listen music?

I am from ex-communist country and started to listen music from about 12 years old,there was not many kids who had even chance to because of lack audio gear and even medias records at that time.So the only affordable product there was Tape and later cassete system.The problem was that copies were made 2,3 and more times so the Quality was so terrible.Anyway I still felt in love for music because that was something what gave me energy to go on in totalitarian system and helped me and my friends to survive and have some fun with it.25 years later in the free world? and I still listen music,last year I joined club of hi-end fanatics got myself gear for about $20 000 (Naim + Usher Speakers), 1300 CD's.Now it helps me to motivate and relax
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Mike: It's good to see that the content of the music was more important to you than how the music was presented. I'm sure that the artists that recorded these "messages" also feel the same way and are glad that you could enjoy them, even under less than ideal conditions. It's also good to see that you care enough about the music to invest in a high quality system so that you can enjoy your music to an even greater extent. Being able to share your love of both music and the gear that you use to reproduce it with others of like-mind is also a great blessing. It sounds as if what many of us take for granted here in the "free world" is actually quite a blessing to those that are not as fortunate. Maybe we should think about that when we start bitching about how "bad" we think we have it.

Thanks for a thought provoking post. Sean
Hey, Mike! I'm with you, man! I love MUSIC, not my system! The best music I've ever heard was performed live in jazz clubs late at night. Not in my living room on my $12,000 system!
Mike,fancy Akvarium and Nautilus Pompilius?