Why do you like ur line array’s

 This is my second thread about a speaker purchase when I retire. Why do you like your line Array’s ! I. Started a thread about planners ESL’s and other electrostatic speakers. So I thought if you listen exclusively to line arrays and can give a little background on why you like him and what they do for you like and what they can’t do thanks
Isn't ur for teens who are texting?
I unfortunately don't own line array speakers, but the larger ones I've heard from the likes of Nola, Genelec, and Nearfirld Acoustics have always stuck in my mind as some of the most effortless and majestic sound I've heard from an audio system.  They usually have the added benefit of being pretty amp friendly as well.  If I had the budget and space that's probably the way I'd end up going. 
Interesting no lone array guys
@ozzy owns the Carver ALS speakers and maybe he'll chime in at some point if he sees this.  
Haha no pro audio please :0)

132db !!!!!! No thank you

i get it inline arrays aren’t popular, thanx gentlemen, Ur help is greatly appreciated