Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?

Hello all,

Sometimes I find myself wondering why there is so little newer music in my library. Now, before you start in with rants about "New music is terrible!", I found this rather interesting article on the topic. (SFW)


With the maturing of streaming as a music delivery platform, and the ease of being able to surf new artists and music, it might be time to break my old listening habits and find some newer artists.

Happy listening. 



 Just turned 77, with the Daily Discoveries streamed on Tidal, and through posts of music here on Audiogon a whole new worlld of tunes has opened up for our listening. When we find a new song we like tend to play it to death, so a constant stream of new to us songs keeps are music interest up!

I have never stopped listening to new music. Beatles, Brian Eno, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Kraftwerk, Weather Report. Were my first and second wave. At the time there were actually new inventions such as stereo recording, synthesizers, etc

Now that streaming has come around, I can go back and listen to albums I kind of remember or never had a chance to listen.

Then there is the new and other stuff I never knew up.

When i got my system set up properly, it all seemed like new music. You could tell the intention of the artist, engineer or producer. I didn’t know that was what the song really sounded like. .This is a great retirement activity I must say..


Some very interesting perspectives here. For myself, while I do wish I could listen to more  "new" or at least unfamiliar music, it's really a matter of time. I'm older but still work full time in my own business & enjoy listening & relaxing to music that moves me but often I don't have the time and / or energy to seek out new stuff.

Additionally, I only recently got into streaming w/ a really nice set up w/ a good tube amp & good speakers set up well so I'm hearing  things & enjoying music I thought I knew well even more than ever before. Hopefully when I retire this will change & I can explore lots of other great music  know is out there.