Why do some tube-based power amps have back-panel replaceable fuses and others don’t?

I don't have a clue regarding this question, but I would like to know from the experts out there.  Obviously a design decision, but is it preferable to have one, or not...or…it depends...?

Interesting. It’s more expensive to have a back panel fuse rather than one on the board. Obviously easier to replace. Some manufacturers may not want you replacing a fuse as it can signify a major issue that requires service.

Many amps (and preamps) have fuses located in the IEC inlet.    Many owners aren't aware of this.
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I’ve owned many solid state amps with back panel fuses. BTW, I have never blown a fuse on any type of amp tube or solid state!
@rlmmessenger, do you know of such an amplifier??
Only time I ever needed to replace a fuse was in an Adcom GFA545 and that was in the early 90's. Had to lift the lid to replace the fuse.