Why do so many sellers not show the back of components...???

Need to indulge a pet peeve of mine today.

And that's sellers here on Audiogon -- or really, anywhere else -- who have photographs of the front and sides and top of a component, but not the back.

You know, the back, where nearly all inputs and outputs are. I need to see that perspective to assess if the whole unit is in the condition advertised. And I want to see that perspective because, at a glance, I can better know if any particular component will work as I wish in my music systems.

Is there some reason why it's not uncommon for sellers not to show photos of the back, input, sides?
And does that absence of back-side photos annoy you, too?
Sure, I can ask for that photo, but sometimes if I'm only partially interested, I don't bother.

Dave, who also thinks it's shortsighted of sellers not to show the back because that view can help whet the appetite of a buyer which is true for him
Good question, what's worse is the stock image or none at all.  
My guess would be - laziness. Many folks just take a picture of the component as it sits in their system. They are too lazy to pull it out and take a full set of photos.
Still not as bad as those that post ads with no photos at all.

I wouldn’t say it annoys me, as I’ve learned that I can’t make all sellers behave the way that I would like them to, just as I can’t make all buyers behave the way I would like them to. It is what it is. Adjust, adapt, and move on.
Get a load of the new listing today of an ARC LS26. There is now a pic of the faceplate, but when first posted, there was only the pic of the interior!
The back and bottom (speakers) including serial numbers should always be included in listing. BTW,a smoke and pet free environment always make me laugh!!
I never list as pet free!
Two thoughts:

(1) Since we pay for classified ads here, and since we’re often asking buyers to give us a good sum of money, not including a full set of photos seems like a major waste, or diminution, of the seller’s payment.On a free-classified site, that wouldn't matter the same way, since you can just keep listing the component ad infinitum.

(2) Just curious, yogiboy, why is "smoke-free environment" a laugh-inducing thing for you?

Dave, who like gshepardbuster never lists pet-free
Sun-warrior, Because how would smoke-free be proven. And who is this Dave that you keep mentioning?
When posting I always try to show all sides, including the back of the items listed for sale.  

Good Listening


I have used stock photos in conjunction with photos of the actual unit. I wondered why I got so few responses. Sheesh, now it seems obvious.

Don't buy it unless you can see the back!!!
Dave? Dave's not here.

Can I see the back of Dave please?
Ebm , your posts are hands down funniest here!  Keep em coming!

Maybe this applies,

When you're dead, you don't know you're dead.
It's only difficult for others.

It's the same way when you're stupid.

when I made pictures  back of the speakers it was a bit dark and when looked at them on pc screen I saw spiders:)p who wants buy spiders living on biding post:DDD?
"Maybe this applies,

When you're dead, you don't know you're dead.
It's only difficult for others.

It's the same way when you're stupid."

You will know if owned by a smoker as soon as you break the tape on the box. But sometimes the smell goes away in a few years 
You want to see my back, eh?

Well, since I much identify with my components, here's my back:

That's a splendid rear...

Rears, backsides, etc do seam to be fashionable nowadays, so take that picture and show it!!

You will know if owned by a smoker as soon as you break the tape on the box. But sometimes the smell goes away in a few years

" But sometimes the smell goes away in a few years"

LOL, now that's funny!

Funny to come across this just now 5 minuites after asking  a poster for a shot of the back of an amp. Esp as this particular amp is unknown with nothing on line. Very poor way to try an sell something.
A picture(s) of a unit's working side would be illustrative of ins/outs and quite informative.
A shot of the serial number would be beneficial as well, if available.
I would add the absence of pictures of speakers with the grills removed...
I totally agree and especially with speakers for example I can't have rear ported speakers in my small room so it's something I like to check. Pretty tough if you don't show the back of the speaker!
I find it especially surprising when there are multiple pictures of the sides and top, and the unit is clearly sitting on top of a stool with easy access to a rear picture...