Why Do Schumann Resonators Work?

Schumann Resonators are little boxes you plug into the wall that produce electromagnetic radiation tuned to 7.83 Hz. This is the frequency that the earth/atmosphere system “rings” at when the Earth is struck by lightning. It is also a common frequency your brain “ticks” at.

When employed in the listening room, many people claim it makes their audio sound better. If this is true, then what is the mechanism of action?

-Is it a matter of the resonator producing a more relaxed mental state?
-Does it help block or alter electromagnetic interference?
-Does it add its own electromagnetic interference to your system that just so happens to be pleasing?

I experimented with one recently and what I noticed is that it seemed to remove some of the high frequency nasties or what some might call “digital glare” (although digital glare can also show up in analog systems). When I made this observation, the resonator was placed right next to my power strip that my CD player, preamp and some other devices are plugged into.

My “proof” of the effect is that I could turn the volume up louder than usual without it sounding “too loud.” The sound levels of the system weren’t any quieter, it’s just that the digital glare was reduced so that I could go louder before thinking “this is too loud,” which usually isn’t a sound level thing per se but the point as which some frequency (often the highs) become irritating.

So who here has experience with these devices? Do you like them? Does anyone know why they work?
Ssshhh! Don't go giving away my secrets! A lot of them still haven't figured it out.
Someone shout post this thread on a cable forum.  Heads will literally explode.  
Geez.  I read through this entire thread and not a single person could answer this question from the OP:

" Does it help block or alter electromagnetic interference? "

The literature that accompanies many SGs say that it helps with EMI and RFI interference.  How?

If a low tone of 7.83 hertz has the ability to affect signals running between 2.5 megahertz to 5 gigahertz, it seems like there would be interference somewhere. As if your cellular signal would cut out or your Wi-Fi coverage would drop. Some literature use the words, "control." Is it that it helps block reflected signal or degraded/attenuated signal? Sort of like filtering the air and streamline all the signals?

Everything I read about these generators seems to change or purposely have key information left out, as though if you knew, you would probably just make your own.

What I gather is, these high band signals cause damage to humans when exposed for long periods of time, but the 7.83 hertz wave helps the body heal from this damage. That's all well and good, but how or why does it affect audio?

I get that EMI and RFI from solar radiation and interference from the magnetosphere can harm electronic device's functions, what I don't understand is how using a SG can change the EMI and RFI in a room as though that room were no longer subject to these signals. Such as night fall when the Earth has turned away from the Sun. 

Can anyone answer that without snark or sarcasm? (yeah, I know, a tough ask on the internet.)
Can anyone answer that without snark or sarcasm? (yeah, I know, a tough ask on the internet.)

I cannot answer your question being in no way a scientist...i apologize for my inability to really help about an explanation...

I already described in this thread what i was doing with my S.G. grid ( i own 12)

all i know is that these does not degrade the sonic of my gear/room in any way at all... It is easy to verify for me each day.... I begin the day with none of them on...

In the afternoon reading near my desk i listen music in nearfield with 3 on or off.... the three most powerful S.G. are on my desk near the gear... 😊

In the evening in regular listening position i switch on all the grid of 12 which are distributed around me...

Great difference in the listening nearfield or in regular position which is relative to the number of S.G. on and off , i seach for an acoustic metaphor here, the music is more easily floating toward my ears with them than without them.... The effect is immediate if i switch them on and off, on and off....

What change the sound color though ( for the best) is what i put on the top of the Schuman Genetaror: shungite thin plate with copper on the external side and herkimer diamond on it....

The shuman generator make easier for the sound wave to be catch by the ears...The air between instrument is more sensible and the soundstage is more detailled...It is like the color of my natural sound is more detailed now...

I dont know of any rigorous scientific explanation...Nor for the S.G. itself, nor for the additive sound effect of the Shungite+copper and Herkimer diamond....

it is filtering and blocking EFI and RFI ? Probably.... But i guess in the dark....

 the only thing i know for sure is it is not a placebo effect mainly....

I lost my only physicist friend...and his world-wide expertise was in electro magnetic field of the brain.. Too bad...

My best to you....
Did I not answer this? Coulda sworn .... Somewhere. Oh well.  

Start with the fact they do work. As mahgister said it is not placebo, it is real. Okay so then what is going on?    

It can't be acoustic. SG is radio waves not sound. Scratch that.  

There is a psychological/mental effect. Lots of people say so, that is their experience, and just as with the sound effect we have no good reason to discount their reports and have to believe them. Plus there is Krissy's cat, no matter where she puts the SG the cat finds it curls up and sleeps next to it. Plus the first thing I noticed when I got mine was a slight headache. So they definitely do something.  

But it doesn't make things sound better, or I would notice all sounds being better, which they aren't, only the stereo, so scratch that.  

SG are radio waves. Radio waves crossing wires induce a current in the wire. This is why RFI is such a problem, and why eliminating it improves sound quality so much. The SG by adding RFI would seem to only be able to make things worse. Scratch that one.    

Not so fast! Dither is noise added to a signal that improves the perceived resolution of the signal! Dither is used extensively in video, has been for decades. Dither is randomized, but in a very particular way. Just as there is white noise and pink noise, both random yet different, so there are different forms or types of dither.  

This is kind of a big one, people might want to look into it. Synergistic HFT seem to work based on some sort of dither principle.    

Okay, so what if the particular RFI produced with SG just happens to be of a sort that helps us perceive greater resolution in the signal? If that were the case then we might expect to hear improvement similar in nature to what we hear when RFI is reduced.    

Turns out this is exactly what I am hearing. If this theory is right then just as video dither can be tuned for effect so this one could be as well. Lo and behold, Synergistic has different settings on their FEQ that have this very effect.  

Not quite good enough to be sure this is how it works, but for sure we found one not so easily crossed off the list.