why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable

I have tried expensive cables and one's moderately priced. I would say there were some differences but I can't actually say the expensive cables were better. IMHO I believe a lot of people buy expensive cables because they don't actual trust their ears and are afraid of making a mistake. They figure the expensive cables are better for the fact they cost more. If you have a difference of opinion or share the same thoughts, I would like to hear about it.
I think you nailed it.
Sorry, but better cables means better sound. every time in my system. yes i have mid level cables beat some high end cables. But never a cheap cable compare to a high end cable.enjoy Pete
With the price comes the promise.

I know there are better cables out there beyond my reach but within my budget there are some mighty fine cables that can do it almost as good as the higher priced ones. This is one area where the "law of diminishing returns" applies.

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