Why do people bid on equipment and don't come

through with the payment. It happened to me twice in 2 weeks. They ask for my paypal address and never send the money. Why do they bother bidding in the first place?
1) Change of mind
2) Testing the market
3) Sobered up and realize they made some drunk dialing mistake.
4) Spouse or SO found out about the purchase and nixed it.
5) Another better deal came up.

As to why they bother bidding in the first place:

1) Boredom
2) Loneliness
3) Obsessive/Compulsive behavior
4) Depression
5) Excitement (a la gambling)
6) Mind altering drugs (including alcohol)
Now that they have your PP address pay close attention to your account for any abnormal behavior. This time of year more than others is ripe for naughty behavior and people need mo money!
Be sure to report these people to Audiogon so they can be put on the 'black list' and not waste the time of others.
Agree with Buconero, although in one case someone sent me a message within an hour or two after submitting an offer and asked to be released because he had second thoughts. As a courtesy, I rejected his offer amd moved on. In that case, the other person was couteous and didn't let me hang out there.

Although I haven't been in that position before, I hope that if I was, the other person would be as equally kind to me.

Sorry for the platitude . . . but A'gon "works" because of the high ethical character of most of its members. I will do whatever I can to make sure my buyer or seller (as the case mat be) is 100% satisfied and I EARN positive feedback. Aside from making "THAT" deal a "win-win" for all, it adds to my feedback rep as someone to do business with.

So . . . in cases of the type of person Buconero refers to, I would definitely report that person to A'gon to protect the rest of the community.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!!