Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?

With the exception of some of there tube gear, not many really use this stuff(or admit to it anyway), I am mainly referring to there amps. They look pleasant, they look good on paper and have the price of high end gear, but I seldom hear anyone claiming to like or one day dreaming of owning McIntosh. I have never really listened to there stuff, no good word of mouth sort of scares me away from it, the only people who like it are those who sell it, an uncanny coincidence? I don’t know. Sorry it this has been covered many times in the past, I ran a search and could not find anything.
I owned AR, Rowland, ML, Mitner, Krell, and I have had my McIntosh MC 402 longer than any of them, and the reason why the amp sounds good on very speaker i have owned from dynamic speaker, Electrostatic, and now open baffle. I never thought I own McIntosh but when I heard one I had to admit it sounded dam good, and I would never have given a McIntosh a try due to hearing for years McIntosh was for the doctors and lawyers, well is just not true. The sound I hear sounds like groups are playing in the room, the amp is neither bright or dark, it does give body and weight to the music, and with the audio transformers, I can match any speaker to my amp and get the best sound with either of 8,4 or 2 ohm taps, and that is a full 400 watts on any of the taps used to connect my speakers. 

I think that there is a thread dissing McIntosh all the time is an interesting thing. Boy, they seem to be doing pretty well these days. They must be doing something right. why is that? why is there always a thread like this? i think it’s actually a good promotion of McIntosh to be honest. Geez after reading all these negative posts I think I have to see what this McIntosh is all about. They must be the benchmark if everyones comparing to them. lol  Their equipment sure holds its value.  Does anybody elses?  lol

I have always admired McIntosh since the late 1970's even had a mac dealer in Des Moines Iowa. Well, it is 2019 I am scanning A'gon here and see an ad for a pair of Mac Mc30 mono tube amps. i write and then we speak by phone, I ask if I can come and audition the Mc30's? he says yes, only 2hours away.  I am a huge vinyl fan and assume a tube amp guy is also. I ask what turntable does he own?

No table and no CD no preamp he only streams his audio. I know my destiny is to rescue these mono amps.  I inspect and listen they had been restored and NOS tubes, they came home with me for just over $4k!! Then within 2 weeks I again on A'gon find refurbished Mac C20 preamp with the brass bar $2K again I save the preamp.

My Mac gear now plays my jazz lp's through my Nola Boxer S2's and will be part of my legacy to my son. 

I have a C29 preamp connected to a MC2100 amp, 1970's steely dan bliss. I love Mcintosh. Outstanding SQ, build quality, been running for decades without a moan of trouble. If you ever decide to part ways, high resale dollars are waiting.Turn it up!