Why do my Opera Secondas sound soooo bright?????

I just bought a used pair of Opera Secondas (first generation). The previous owner has had it for a year and a half at most and I don't know how much he used them. When I set them up in by listening room, I was unpleasantly surprised about the tweeters. I have had NUMEROUS "bright" speakers in the last 20 or so years (b&w cdm 1nt, thiel 1.5, mission 753, linn keilidh, psb silver, totem 1's, and I'm sure i'm missing a few) but I have never heard anything like these Operas!!! I'm pretty sure these have been broken in and if that's the case, then what's up with these highly rated Secondas???? HELP!!!
I have had NUMEROUS "bright" speakers in the last 20 or so years (b&w cdm 1nt, thiel 1.5, mission 753, linn keilidh, psb silver, totem 1's, and I'm sure i'm missing a few)

1. WOW I guess smaller frequency of speaker swaps and upgrades would lower the dissapointment probability.
Had any of those listed satisfied you? Which one is the longest? I think Totem1 would be the best on your list IMHO.

2. You didn't mention your amp that may be the culprit.
My speakers got really bright when I stole some parking lot lights and put them in my listening room? Could be you got some of those energy saving light bulbs over your speakers? They make everything irritatingly bright. Are they answering all your questions when you talk to your self? That would be a really bright speaker, since I have never heard one talk. Do they glow in the dark? Heck, I don't know why they are sooooo bright????? Why don't you do this, go get a cup of strong coffee and then sit down in front of your computer, exhale a few times until you are comfortably relaxed and then give us something to go off of like your system, room, ect. See if that doesn't make you feel better. That might help us understand what's bothering you, but who knows according to some we have some really well healed and well educated speakers now days that can out think most people.
lol, down boy, down!
Anyways, whats your equipment that you are using to drive these speakers?
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Fair enough guys....some quite funny replies actually....from the list of the bright speakers I've tried, the original Psb silvers were the brightest sounding but not to the point of being annoyingly bright. My modest system is a Rega Mira integrated, planet cd player as a transport with perpetual technology p1/a, 3/a with monolithic power supply....i also have a pair of triangle Celius 202 that I switch with the Seconda and the Triangle sounds normal (balanced)...i thought perhaps it's the Seas tweeters...
Gemini, from your description it looks like
a) your amp doesn't drive the spkrs (I checked the Seconda tech specs they are not the easiest to drive)
b) there is something wrong with the mid-bass units. You would have noticed that, so this is an unlikely option
c) there is something seriously wrong upstream -- also unlikely as the sound is OK with the Triangle.

The Seconda is a close design which makes it a tad less easy to drive.. can you borrow a bigger amp to try on them?
Agree with Gregm and Marakanetz. It would be a good idea to try and use another much more powerful amp to try and go from there.
Look into baffle step correction you will see what I say is true baffles are just to small on the wee bookshelf and do not support the lower wave lengths of the tweeter thus bright sounding.