Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?

Any comments as to why Macs come with el-chepo remotes?
Somehow this just doesn't fit with the notion of elegant and robust gear.
Have to disagree that the remotes are somehow substandard. Both of my new Mc units (C50 & MVP881BR) came with back-lit remotes that work very well. The soft-touch coating on the plastic has a nice feel and doesn't collect dust like the NOS replacement remote I bought for my MAC 3. That one wasn't back-lit and had a glossy metal function ID plate on the top. It scratched the moment I wiped dust off it. All the remotes are readily replaceable through Audio Classics at about $50 or so. Considering the cost of the equipment and how quickly the magnetic contact closures fail regardless of what the external housing is constructed from, I feel Mc has done a smart thing.
I have three Audio Research devices. A REF 3 Pre-amp, A DAC 8 and a Phono 6. They all have the same type of remote. Although they are ridiculously heavy, remotes made from a solid block of aluminium like some, I believe that AR concentrated (correctly) on the actual equipment, like the amp, pre-amp, etc. The remote doesn't matter much to me as long as it doesn't fall apart and that it works correctly. Which they do work correctly. If you want a hefty, solid remote like Boulder equipment, they remember, you will pay for it. I don't believe it necessary to add to the price for this extra.

Does it work? Does if fail or break easily?

The remote quality issue becomes really important to me when certain functions can only be accessed from the remote. If the remote dies the gear can become useless.

For older gear it can be impossible to obtain a replacement should that become necessary.

Sometimes I order a spare as a backup (while I can) and also program a universal for normal use.
I've some heavy remotes, some small and light remotes, and had a ridiculously large remote once. None have ever failed. So as far as I am concerned if the remote works well, cheap is fine. The guts are likely all pretty much the same.
You can add Jeff Rowland to the list. My JR preamp comes with a small plastic remote that says 'Made in Korea' at the back. The preamp looks and sounds gorgeous but the remote is so out of place, a bit like having a plastic spoon in the midst of silver cutlery. I asked to upgrade to something more substantial but they don't have it!
I used to own an ARC Ref 3 preamp and indeed, the JR remote is no better than the ARC's.