Why do I need power management if I have a great power cord?

Isn't it kind of unnecessary to additionally add a power conditioner if I have an expensive audio file grade Power cord connected to a component?

So you buy a Power conditioner from a hi-fi store and they say oh, you need a really good power cord to go with that and then another one to go from conditioner to the component. Do you need it all and why? Seems the last couple of feet before the component should be more than enough.


@raysmtb1 Pretty sure guys paying $37k for a cable are not going to drive a $37k car.  

@atmasphere great discussion of these two power conditioners.  I wonder 2 things: 

1.  How much load do they add?  To supply a 400W amp does the load (and heat in the room) go up to 800 watts?

2.  Are these expensive high end units able to totally eliminate transformer hum?


I guess all the "me too" posts makes it official:
they don't know what they're talking about.

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Isn't it curious how one side says:  I hear things 👍🏼 and the other side calls those people stupid.

I will just throw this into the mix. If you take a look at the box that contains your circuit breakers for the house you will probably find that all the lines that run through your house have 12 gauge copper wire. So explain to me why anyone would think that they need 10 gauge or thicker running the last couple of feet from the plug to the amplifier.


Residential homes in the US are 250/125 volts single phase split running a 250 volt branch circuit 2 pole 3 wire is balanced voltage or load.