Why do I get a poping sound??

When I switch digital channels on cable or mute or switch from CD to Video1,2,3 on my Rotel 1068 I get a POP sound, light on the panels of my Innersound Eros speakers and ofcourse more pronounced on the bass cone, it is Bi-amped and this is my second unit, Rotel said the heard nothing on my last unit and sent this one brand new.
I know the speakers are 98db efficient but I really dont think this is normal, but after 2 units I wonder if it is something I am just going to have to accept?
I get the same thing on my DirectTV receiver sometimes but I am not sure of the cause.
You lose the digital lock when changing channels. I bet it doesn't pop if you use the analog inputs.
Yup no pop on analog, and I find that this might help you
Maineiac if you bot your box by holding in power button till it resets or unplug it for 2 minutes.
I use a new Sony ES receiver for surround sound only (separate from my two channel setup) and get the same popping noise when selecting different sources, it is business as usual.
"Why do I get a poping sound??"

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I had the same trouble with almost every pre-pro I used. The only one I've found that I've used that doesn't pop is my Lexicon MC-12,or MC-8 What they do is Mute the outputs till the Pre-Amp has a chance to lock on to the Dig. Signal. The end result is I never get any more Tweeter burning pops!! What I did find to work on my B&K was to use the mute before changing chanels on my cable box,kind of a Pain but effective.