Why do dealers email you when your selling?

How do you get dealers to stop emailing you to sell you something when you are trying to sell equipment yourself? I find it very rude to be emailed when I post something for sale by a dealer trying to sell me things I'm not even interested in nor contacted them about. The whole purpose of the classifieds are to sell your equipment and correspond with potential buyers, not to have dealers hounding you and constantly emailing you to buy their equipment. They are not interested in the least about purchasing your equipment, just using the email on the classified ad to bother you. How can we get this stopped? I'm so tired of getting emails and thinking someone is interested and it's a dealer trying to sell their product. By doing this they are getting around the $2.00 ad fee which Audiogon deserves for running the site for people to buy and sell stereo equipment. I don't appreciate spending my money to sell my product and having these dealers bother me to buy their products. Dealers - Post Your Own Ad and stop bothering other audiophiles trying to buy and sell their equipment. This has happened numerous times including today, and I am tired of it. Any suggestions on how to get them to stop would be appreciated, especially from Audiogon. Thanks.
either don't advertise, or include a clause at the bottom of your ad stating your above terms.
I've never received anything like this myself, but it really wouldn't bother me all that much if it did happen. I get emails from members on a daily basis & I do try to respond courteously to them all. Wish that I'd receive the same consideration sometimes; a non response to an inquiry that I've taken time to formulate *is* in fact annoying indeed.
I've listed several items for sale over time and never gotten anything like the type of response that you state. I agree that it would be in-appropriate for a dealer to do something like that, but that's what they make the "delete" key for. Just consider it to be the same as all of the other spam that you get. Sean
I get those emails from dealers who I've bid unsuccessfully on their auctions on Agon and eBay. They usually have a sentence saying to email back if I want to be removed from their list. I've actually had dealers buy my stuff for their "used rooms". Usually tuners. I guess some people who buy a new system want a tuner, but don't want to pay up for a new one, so some dealers like to keep a few used ones around.
I've sold tons of stuff here and never had that happen, even once. I hope it's not the wave of the future.
I have something similar happening right now.A few weeks ago,I posted a question here in the forum about a particular preamp and ever since a store which I believe advertises here(never checked to make sure) sends me emails about sales etc. on that particular brand.But never the preamp,go figure