Why do Cyrus get such praise from What HiFi???

I had a complete Cyrus system, well amp and cd player and the special PSU units for both. The cd player packed in after a few months. The trouble with them was that because the player played therm at a lower speed, (apparently to get the most info off the disc without resorting to error correction), they were very poor at reading less than pristine cds, or in some cases, cds!
I actually had to send the unit back 6 times, along the way getting a brand new unit. To no avail. The cruncher was when the little standby button on the front vanished into the case. The cost for repair? £250!! This was despite the fact that the unit had only recently returned from Cyrus after yet another repair. The reason Cyrus gave was that the front of the unit with the buttons on was one piece, but also that all repairs are £250 regardless, to keep it fair!!! So £250 for a plastic button. I was so offended by Cyrus products that I refused to pay and they told me I had to pay return postage to the dealer, I told them to keep it...boy that felt good.
Later my top of the range Cyrus amp got hot and decided commit suicide. Due to the design using a shoebox shape, the output transistor had given up the ghost. It went back for repair. A few weeks later once again the amp turned off, blazing hot to the touch. The heat this time just triggered the overtemp sensor and poof. I hadn't even been pushing it that hard.
Result, sell the lot, I won't have Cyrus in the house again. Their customer service was snooty and the products fall well short of what I expect at that price. SO, why do What HiFi constantly praise them without mentioning their abysmal  reliability? The dealers I have spoken to confirm that they have a "frightening" number of Cyrus products back that have failed
Of all the audio publications available, What HiFi has always struck me as being very half-baked fluff, with no substance.   I would never use What HiFi to influence or justify a purchase.  The reviews are so poorly done, it makes you wonder if they even listened to the gear the review is based on.
Jaybe, I contacted What HiFi, guess what, no reply. Obviously they have an interest in promoting Cyrus and Marantz. I mean the advertisers rule don't they? It is almost an advert dressed up as a magazine. I flicked through one the other day, very thin, very bland, more like a comic for 5 year olds
Hello everyone,
I have been surfing Audiogon for a few months; finally decided to sign-on.
I'm really glad that I read this topic regarding Cyrus.
I was just about to order a Cyrus CDt from Kemela; because from what I've read on other forums; they're really top notch.
Now, it seems a veil was lifted to reality.
Can I get all of your inputs on recommendations on a new CD transport?
I know this might be an old subject; if you don't mind, I would be grateful.
I currently have a Schiit Gungnir multi-bit DAC being fed by an old, but pristine Sony DVD player; using a digital coaxial cable from Blue Jeans. The DAC is feeding a HK 3770.
I'm looking to get a CD transport in the very near future.
I researched Cambridge CXC (heard of reliability issues as of late).
My budget is $2100 max.
What do you all like for that money?
Sound quality and reliability are paramount.
Asthetics are nice, but not that important.

Thank you for your time! 
I'd keep using the Sony and add a jitter-reduction device between the Sony and DAC.  This basically makes the transport a non issue, so when the Sony eventually dies you can just buy another cheap DVD player and you're good to go.  Here is the one I'd buy..

With some of the money you'll have left over, I'd upgrade your digital cable as it does make a meaningful difference.  FWIW, and best of luck.