Why do cartridge manufacturers give a range for VTF?

My Sussurros'  manual says 1.8 - 2.2 grams. I know that Lyra, particularly the Delos has it rated at a very specific number. Just wondering, It would seem that the stated range would be very narrow.

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I agree with stringreen's argument while the reason is my Allaerts
MC 2: 1,8 g ( maximal tolerance 0,05g). However chakster's
''damping argument'' should also be of some importance because
the damper is behind the coils and, depending from its ''hardness''
should have some influence on the VTF. In my opinion Allaerts
demonstrate that getting optimal position of the coils is not an 
easy proposition. J. Carr wrote about this problem as well his
solution to the problems by his new cartridges. His intention is
also to get those ''tolerances'' as small as possible.