Why do Asian looks for old Wadia CDP at high price?

I recently sold my Wadia 861 for a Vietnamese at unbelievable price.  The question keep popping up on my mind why do Asians (Vietnamese) interested in the Wadia CDP too much even at very high price. Many nowadays CDP has better quality with up-to-date technologies on sound distortion deductions.

We have been used Wadia for around 2 decades ago and it's time to put them on retirement but they treat as treasures. I was so surprised about that. Wish I could have more Wadia CDP to sell to them in order to make some extra bucks.
An audio bud of mine has a multi-thousand buck Wadia he’s forced to use as a doorstop because the broken drive cannot be sourced. 
I'll trade him for an actual door stop if he's interested? 
I have on an extended loan from an audio buddy an Wadia 26. I am using it as the DAC from my Oppo 95 Modwright which while very nice was getting long in the tooth relative to what I have listened to over the past several years. I have the Wadia on a different input so it is quite easy to go back and forth between the Modwright ouptut of the Oppo and the Wadia. I heard the difference IMMEDIATELY, the Wadia is more focused, timbrally more natural and correct, MUCH better bass and bottom line made me not miss my TT set-up as much though the Oracle is still more engaging. No big deal what is is that I don’t have that sinking feeling when listening to digital.

The Wadia is a great buy for someone looking for something better than the budget fare that is out there. Of course the price and opportunity to purchase must be presented but if so, don’t hesitate for a moment! Yeah, maybe, just maybe you are going to get more "detail" on newer budget units but what will you lose? Great is timeless and great digital on the cutting edge still costs compared to analog, that continuous sound that draws you in and keeps you there. My system has evolved since I purchased my last speakers and everything is well sorted out less the digital. I just replaced two caps in my mono amps that were defective and the realization of what was missing and further how good the Wadia is was a revelation. I decided to purchase the Wadia. I really love this thing, can listen for hours without the desire to "well it’s time to play a record" reality rearing it’s head, after all digital that reproduces the emotion found in great analog is the bottom line.