Why did Parasound discontinue the Halo JC-1 monoblock amplifiers?

Why did Parasound discontinue the Halo JC-1 monoblocks?

I am relatively new to this era of audio, but I find myself drawn to monoblock amps.  From what I read, I should experience the Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks.  You know, the amplifiers that remained on Stereophile's A list for 18 or 19 years?  I see them come up for sale at a relatively reasonable price, in the $4K - $5K range.  I am debating about trying them versus purchasing the Moon by SimAudio 400M monoblocks new.  Currently, I'm streaming Tidal and Qobuz using the SimAudio 390D streamer/DAC/pre into Kinki Studios EX B7 monoblocks, with GoldenEar Triton One loudspeakers.  End game will be Wilson Audio Yvette unless something else comes along before I can bring myself to spend this much on a pair of speakers.  Thanks for your responses.
They seem to have replaced them with the JC 5. Having a stereo amp, which can be bridged, serves a larger audience than pure monoblocks.


They made them for 15+ years. Long run for a product. If you buy a used pair check on their age 
I am more apt to believe Erik’s comment than the “age of the product”.  It is likely that the market share for JC1 is pretty small because of the cost of the amp.  They likely made a decision to drop the item from their lineup because nor people are likely to buy the lower cost amps.
They likely made a decision to drop the item from their lineup because nor people are likely to buy the lower cost amps.

Yep, people’s buying habits change, not to mention the availability of parts.

That is, transistors, transformers, even passive components change due to forces out of your control. It would make sense for JC and Parasound to look at their market and ask if they can make a better amp with more current parts. But the president of Parasound is a really nice guy, I’m sure if someone asked him he’d explain the decision. :)

Lots of interesting reading about Parasound's choice of parts as opposed to John Curl's specified parts in his designs. Either way,  very very few amps have a 15+ year market run....
kcpellethead, according to JC himself they are working on a new version.
The JC 5 is not a replacement. It can not even drive a 4 ohm load bridged.
The JC 1 is a landmark product. It is easily the best sounding and performing amp at anywhere near the price. I would not hesitate to by a pair 8 years old or less in scratch less condition. The Moon's are great amps but may or may not sound better than the JC 1s. If getting the JC 1s will get you closer to the Wilson's then by all means. 

I auditioned both the JC-1 and JC-5 and thought the JC-5 sounded better. Both are great amps, and the JC-1 certainly has more current reserves, but the JC-5 is a powerful amp and, imo, adds a bit more clarity and vocals sound a bit more natural.

@mijostyn - why do you say that the JC-5 can't drive a 4ohm load when bridged? I agree that it is current limited into this kind of load, but I haven't read anywhere that it can't drive it at all.

My current speakers are quite efficient, so the JC-5 is just loafing along and sound fabulous.
Thank you all for your responses.  Sounds like I should consider waiting for John Curl's new monoblock design.  Anyone know when it might be available for purchase?

I think it’s a healthy thing to discontinue a model after ten years or so. At least, change a few parts and call it the "Mk II’. Nobody wants to purchase a used in-production model that may be twenty years old (the BAT VK-300 integrated amp was made for the better part of twenty years). Of course, you can call the maker with a serial number and ask for date it was built.
Another reason may be that monoblocks aren’t practical anymore. With SMD technology, passive components and transistors take up a lot less real estate and you can put a lot more amplifier in one case. Less production cost, inventory, packaging, etc., add to the bottom line.
I was invited to see a private viewing of the amp that is replacing the JC-1 at RMAF last Sept. from Mr. Schram himself. Suffice it to say that as good as the JC-1’s are, these are going to boggle your mind!
it seems form factor was not the issue, rather it was time to update/upgrade the design...
why do you say that the JC-5 can’t drive a 4ohm load when bridged?
He probably meant, it would be stressed doing it, as all measured parameters that make for a good amp take a quite a hit when you bridge.
All you gain is wattage in bridging, might as well get a PA amp, like a $350 3000w Behringer.

Cheers George
I'd agree with that. I think the JC-5 is a great sounding amp for the price if you've got moderately efficient speakers (85db/w or better). If you really need more than it can deliver as a stereo amp, best find something else or wait for the JC-1 monoblock replacements. 
Owned both Moon 400M and Parasound JC1s. Go with JC1, IMO. JC1+ will be out soon. Should be some stellar deals on late model, used JC1s out there.
A newer version of Monoblock is being released soon. Or so I keep hearing from Parasound. This could be one reason for the prices of JC1 to drop further.