why did my iphone quit working on Wadia idock?

My iphone 4 worked fine on the Wadia dock and now it is saying that this device is not supported. I swear Apple does this crap on purpose to make you buy new chargers and such. Apple stuff is great when it's new but slowly they seem to turn it into a piece of crap that is so slow you can't stand but to upgrade.
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I think you're a bit confused, Apple products work well for several years without issue. PC is guilty of guilty of your accusation, IME. I suspect user error, no offense.
Did you upgrade to software on you iPhone recently?
Unplug the Wadia, turn off the iPhone. Start everything up again (make sure you have all the updates current)....Still not supported?
No I have not updated my iphone for just that same reason it seems like when everything is working good and then you upgrade surely something won't work anymore. I'm not even running IOS 5 on my iphone. It works OK and last time I updated my iPhone I lost all my notes which was a big pain. I hate that you have to worry so much about losing valuable data when you update. With each update it seems they make the older model just a little slower so that you will be forced to upgrade. I would think that the Wadia and my iphone should continue to work though since specifically I have not updated either. I guess I'll try and update and see what happens. My guess is it won't work ever again.
Ejlif - sounds to me like the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes.

You're not even running IOS 5? That right there could be your problem. Why not?

Before you reluctantly update.....at least unplug the Wadia, wait 30 secs, plug it back in and try docking your iPhone again. Start all over again from the unboxing.

As a matter of FACT: I bought a Cambridge iD100 dock over a year ago. I put an iPod Touch on it and it worked fine for a week or two then one day I get the same message as you did. I unplugged/replugged the Cambridge and it worked fine. It has now worked perfectly for over a year of non-stop use. I did not update or upgrade anything, just unplugged it.

Do you turn your phone off from time to time or do you just leave it in standby ? You should "reboot" it every once and awhile.

I agree that if it worked before it should work now. Things that go "bump in the night" are little spikes on the electrical line that you don't even know about but can create problems with the tiny microprocessors inside the Wadia... Could be you bent one of the 32 pins a little on the dock/phone connector a little when you re-docked it...have you put a new outer case on your phone?
Well like I said last time I updated my iPhone I lost all my notes in the iPhone which had some important things. I have not been able to find any copies of them on the computer. I thought all this stuff was just supposed to be handled you didn't have to have a computer science degree. I suppose I'll try an update and see if that helps the problem. I will also try the power off thing and see how that goes. If it were a pin on the dock problem I would not think my regular iPod or iPod nano would work and they do. Thanks for the suggestions.
You should definintely update your phone to iOS 6 regardless of the Wadia issue. I'm not sure what app you are using for notes, but mine always back up without issue.

Your problem might not be a pin on the dock. It could also be a pin on your phone, or some dirt or debris. Try cleaning out the connection on your phone. Also, does the phone work with any other dock accessories?
The suggestion to reboot everything is a good one, something else to try is pray some contact cleaner on both the connection on you phone and on the dock. A friend of mine couldn't get her iphone to work in her dock and I figured out that her iphone jacket was keeping it from seating properly on the dock. I personally from a trouble shooting stand point would not upgrade the phone, you are only adding one more element to the process.

Good Luck and let us know the outcome.
Think that's Apple's official new motto: "if it ain't broke -- quick, someone smash it. Smash."
Sorry to get off topic here, especially since I just started a new thread under tech pertaining to this but I got a wadia 170i and want to know where to stream hi resolution music through my i-phone. Does pandora one stream 192kbps through an i-phone or just a computer? Any other hi res streaming sites? Spotify?

Ejlif, how are things working out in your situation? I feel your pain brother. If I can't stream hi res decent sounding music through my wadia, I'll video tape myself throwing it out the second story window onto the street and post it on you tube, no lie.
Still not working! I'm gonna throw mine out too. I'm going to run an Ethernet cable to my shop where the wadia is and just have an Apple TV that way I can access my entire collection all the time. Apple is famous for making new products and making them so the old adapters and chargers don't work anymore and then they try to sell you a new one that is priced 10x higher than it should be. I'd like to throw my iPhone out too its the worst mobile phone I've ever had. My reception was better in 1992 than it is now and you can hardly make sense of what you are hearing while on the phone. Apple stuff is awesome when new but slowly grinds down and becomes a POS forcing you to buy the new one. That has been my experience anyway with over 10 computers and 3 iPhones. I still wouldn't choose the alternative that is even worse. I just ordered a new iMac.
Ahhhhhhh, I hate this wadia, and apple!! Okay, couldn't download spotify (wanted to do this to get high resolution 328kbps) because I couldn't upgrade to ios5 or better on my old iPhone. My old iPhone works perfect on the doc, just not able to get 328 spotify. So I buy a new / used iPod touch 4 gen with iOS6 on it, download spotify no problem and then go to finally enjoy high resolution streaming audio and bam, doesn't work in the wadia!?! Funny thing is, it works just fine running analog out of my wadia, which in turn makes me use the crappy iPod dac which is the exact reason for the wadia in the first place. All this crap leaves such a bad taste in my mouth that I just want to give the whole streaming audio, PC this, Mac that, the big middle finger. You know what, I've never, not once had a problem putting a cd in a CD player and had compatibility issues. F this, man, I hate you wadia, and apple can suck it. Here, let me make a product that will eventually work like crap, and then let me make another one that doesn't do what it was made for, and then you all can send me a check. That record player is starting to look real nice.
Okay, first off, sorry, I was pretty frustrated lastnight as you might be able to tell from my posts. Okay, so the 4th gen ipod touch is just not compatible with the wadia 170i so I am going to try a iphone 3gs tonight and I'll let ya know what happens.
Ejlif, I was having serious issues with my wadia 170i. Turns out it was all user error. Hang in there, I'm sure you can figure it out. E-mail me @ b_limozaine@ yahoo.com if you have questions and I'll try to help you out my Man. Also, read lp compatibility issues under tech talk for a good laugh regarding my experiences with the Wadia 170i!
Best regards,
The Wadia's days are numbered. I ordered a long run of cat 5e direct burial cable. I'm going to just run that to my shop and hook up an Apple TV. Now I will have acess to my entire collection instead of just what I can fit on a single iPod or my iPhone. Oh and I updated to ios6 and it erased all my music. At least I still have my contacts.
Interesting discussion of issues when updating to new versions. Hope you enjoy it, especially the first half of the original post.

LP Compatibility Issues
Haha I got a new iPod nano Xmas and it won't dock at all on the wadia. It's got a totally different connection. Unreal. These guys are laughing all the way to the bank.
My recent iPhone story. I waited for google maps to be released on the new iOS. Upgraded then plugged my iPhone into my old Mac Mini to load music. My old Mac Mini wouldn’t find my iPhone. It took a while to find out that my never updated old Mac Mini’s Tiger OS is not not compatible with my new iPhone iOS. I tried to restore my iPhone to Factory Settings but no such luck. I was forced to upgrade to Snow Leopard. At least its a cheap upgrade. BTW New iPod connection, apple sells an adapter, new to old connecter.
Even funnier I can't even use the new iPod at all since it requires a newer OS than I am running on my iMac. I would have to upgrade my operating system to even load any music on it. You have to have iTunes 10.7 to use any of the new iPods. My OS is 10.5 to load iTunes 10.7 requires at least OS 10.6 so the new iPods won't work at all with a computer that is only 3 years old. Lol. So frustrating. I think I'll play some vinyl.
Well I updated my iPhone to iOS 6 and it still doesn't work. It erased all the music I had stored when I updated too and now it takes an eternity to load music into the iPhone from iTunes. It sure seems like unless you have the latest greatest stuff it basically runs slow or doesn't work well at all. My prediction is that my iPad is going to be almost worthless in a year.
Lol, gotta love apple! They do this to upgrade there products so they run smoother and faster? I think they have someone working for them who's like "okay, this product is finally working, let's change it so it doesn't". errr, so frustrating. Anyways, Ejlif, whatcha doin with the wadia? I need a remote, hint hint ;-)
The wadia is just sitting if you are interested ill give you a great deal on it. I have my Apple TV working now so there is no need for the wadia any longer.
Hey E, I don't know how to pm you. Shoot me an e-mail @ b_limozaine@yahoo.com and we can discuss it further!