Why DACs have no BNC Digital In

I've heard from several different sources that 75 ohm BNC digital connection is superior to a regular coaxial (to connect transport to a DAC), but looking at the back panel of most DAC's, I don't see any. Any explanation as to why that is? Thank you
Hey Brano-- bel canto has bnc input. You can come over and see mine and how it connects. John
The better dacs do. That Toslink garbage along with USB spreads like a weed.
I'm using the AES/EBU digital input port on my Bel Canto DAC, and thought this was a more common practice than you're suggesting. I 've also seen discussions that there may be more issues with S/PDIF. But for shorter cable lengths, I suspect that any differences may be relatively small.
@op, The reason why BNC is superior depends on the connector impedance...its hard to make a 75ohm rca cable.

A good read.

Hopefully dac manufacturers use it on the future?
The original Benchmark DAC1 has a BNC input.
Chicken and egg story all over again. Which came first? In this case it was CD players and transports. If very few have BNC outputs then DAC builders don't see any need to include a BNC input.

I am not arguing which interfaces are better just that there are so many digital interfaces those that were not common became even less common.

Interface connectors I can think of: RCA, AES/EBU (XLR-style connectors, USB, Toslink, Glass fiber but not Toslink (ATT?), i2S, BNC.
The two DACs I have owned in recent years -- the PS Audio Perfect Wave and the Northstar 192 -- both have BNC inputs. I always assumed those BNC inputs were included because BNC digital outs are more common on European transports than they are on US transports. For most digital transports made for the US market, the only outputs I ever run across are S/PDIF and Optical.

I have tried connecting my digital transport, the Perfect Wave Transport, to my Perfect Wave DAC using a BNC and an RCA digital cable. The two digital cables were from the same manufacturer. I could not tell any difference in sound quality between BNC and RCA.
I would not purchase a DAC that does not have a BNC input.
I have a bunch of the Audient Technologies Audit/Tactic interface boxes that provide impedance matching and allow me to convert to any connection method I choose aside from Toslink.
This doesn't directly answer your question,but I just bought an inexpensive DAC, Valab Dual Mono Wm8741. It has BNC inputs... must be getting more popular