Why Crazy Prices paid for Pioneer 100 JBL L100 AR1 AR3 AR3A

Have you ever owned these speakers before and why are people paying stupid money for them?
L100s and Pioneer 100s are not worth anywhere near 1k as i owned both. Pioneer 100s hurt the ears. L100s not bad but ive heard much better.
200$ max .
ARs i have never heard before please describe their sound
Quality vintage speakers - Tannoy Dual Concentric Autograph/GRF, JBL Hartsfied, Jensen 610 Empirial, WE 753 monitors, 755A full range drivers and a few field coil speakers are extremely reviling, with excellent micro/macro dynamics and very musical/emotional sounding speakers. However, those speakers are made for low power tube amplifiers, and have to be correctly matched. Many serious audiophiles around the world are using speakers of these caliber. Even, the legendary, Nelson Pass is troubleshooting his new amplifiers with vintage Tannoy speakers, although solid state amps will not be a perfect match. Many of you, will blame good sounding speakers because their equipment will sound better with less reviling and more forgiving speakers. In other words. good speakers can sound like crap if your amplifier/preamplifier front end and cables are not up to par. In addition, you have to ask yourself, how come one of the best recording from the 50/60’s were made with vintage equipment? Are these recordings demand high price only because they are collectable? 

Pretty good 1972 JBL 100s -$500 2020 JBL 100s $3,000.....
The L-100's were okay. I had a pair of L-166 Horizons, which were similar, but had a way better silk dome tweeter. I inherited a pair of AR 4AX's. The surrounds were just barely intact, but still worked. I thought they were pretty good with dome mid's and tweeters.  Needed lots of power to work. Very flat compared to modern speakers.
@tannoy56 yes for Tannoys jensens Altec dont need much power but i was referring to those inefficient 1970s speakers mentioned. I have a post about tannoy red and black if you choose to comment.
Seems as if the nostalgia bug is also going around. I worked at a couple of shops that sold both the JBL's and also the Yamaha 1000's. Thank god we carried a couple of other lines that were actually listenable. I can't understand the demand for these. Also, prices being asked for some of the turntables of this era are just nuts. If it was junk in the 70's it is old junk today.