Why can you buy a car at dealer Invoice but audio

Equipment you have to pay retail and if the dealers in a decent mood he might give you 10-15% off.
The EU high end brands I was US Service manager for were set in stone as to the price dealers could sell for. They immediately terminated any dealer that sold below that price.

For better or worse, that was the high end of just a few years ago.
Mostly has to do with volume. High end audio retailers and manufacturers have to cover there expenses with a much smaller number of sales thus they need to make more profit per item sold to stay in business. Just think how much more expensive an I pad would have to be if their market was a few thousand pieces a year instead of the tens of millions per year that they do sell!

I do know one dealer that will give me 20% but absolutely no service. Cash and carry only. If the unit is broken you will have to send it back to the manufacturer. If you don't like it to bad. If you need help with it your on your own. On top of that the guys an arrogant prick.
It's amazing the dealers only make 40%.
03-21-13: Taters


They don't make 40%

From the remaining 40%

Deduct shipping cost.

Deduct overhead costs.
utility bills,
Phone bill,
Yellow page ad,
liability insurance,
content fire insurance,
FICA taxes,
Unemployment insurance,
local, state, federal income taxes,
Health insurance?

The Banker? The dealer may have a line of credit with a bank. Manufactures require payment upfront before shipping product.

deduct discount to customer, if any?.....

Like I said the dealer is lucky if he makes 5% to 10% profit.

That means the manufacturers are making most of the money.
High quality parts aren't cheap....

In some cases there is middleman, the distributor, he also gets a cut.