Why can't more high end make an all purpose DVD player??

I just read that mid-fi / low fi company Apex is coming out in October with a DVD player that will play DVD, CD, CDR, CDRW, DVD Audio, and SACD and will retail for 299. I verified this on their website and talked to J and R Music who will handle the unit. It is coming. Does anyone know for certain if another company is doing the same and speculated time of arrival on the market. I know the Pioneer AX10 is out there with only 2 channel SACD for 5500. I realize Apex is mass consumer but they are beating everyone else to the punch and for 299 what is there to lose to check it out.
I have heard a great deal about Mark Levinson, for example, working on a high-end universal player. My suspiciion is that they want to make sure it's worthy of the Mark Levinson marque before they release it into the marketplace, whereas Apex doesn't have to worry about such high expectations.
Technology is changing at a fast pace with no real market guarentee and abundance of software to support the high cost for small high end manufactures. Many high end pieces are produced in limited quanities with great cost to design and market. Along with very few techs capable of designing such new digital technologies. It took Classe years to design, produce and market a DVD player with technology no better or even not as good than a 1st generation Sony 7000. Sony has a large base of techs and designers with the ability and resources to design, produce and market new technology. Don't think that just because Sony or Pioneer etc is a mass market company that their top end products are not going to be as good or better than a new digital products by most high end manufactures. High end may make a better looking face plate or use larger power supplies or more expensive caps etc but they just can't match what it takes to bring new technology to market.
Is there any more info on this player? Does apex have a website? These universal players could be very interesting. But at present they are quite expensive......thanks for the info, bluenose