Why buying an expensive universal player?

Over the past few years I have noticed that universal players become obsolete in not time. Even ultra expensive machines are sold at a fraction of the price shortly after release (2 years?). So, why expending a fortune in ultraexpensives players? Does not it make more sense to have a good expensive dedicated CD/SACD player that is not going to change dramatically and maintain a mid-priced universal player up to date?
They make great transports. I use a Denon 5910 for a redbook transport and for standalone SACD. I paid $375 for the 5910 which had an msrp of $3,500. Very few transports are being made today, mostly by boutique shops and they are expensive. Everything else is ancient - Sonic Frontiers, Audio Research, Levinson, etc. What happens when they break? Where are you going to get parts?
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I agree with you.

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