Why buy Pro_ject, Music hall, Rega turntable when you can buy couple hundred dollar a good vintage?

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased Sony PS-X60 TT. I matched it with Dennon DL-103R cartridge and a  good old vintage Audio Technica step up transformer. My pre amp is Audiolab 800C. My power amps are class A N.E.W.. All my cables are Harmonic Tech. I am using a set of Audio Artistry Grand Bethoven speakers. When I purchased the turntable I realized the RCAs and the cable were damaged. So I opened it up and changed the power cable. I used 1877 Phono cable silver version. I changed the RCA to KLE. I also changed the interior wiring in the tone arm and headshell wiring. I used all LITZ silver. Most of you may know that PS-X60 has very good quality tonearm which is the same as a very expensive broadcasting Sony TT. The result became superb. Compare to my Marantz SA CD player, the sound quality to me is more natural, dynamic and transparent.

My experience in this upgrade is already superb but I want to know from those folks in here who has expeirenced  vintage TT  and class C TT (Rega, Pro-ject, Audio technica etc) or TT less than $2K. I want to know is it better to buy a class C or vintage TT. Any input is appreciated from those who experienced both.

I am newbie with LP.


I'm totally with you on that. Neither Rega, Music Hall or Pro-ject can match quality of classic vintage decks such as Technics SP10, Technics 1100a and Sony you've purchased.
I tried Rega P3 and my impression was mehh... Sloppy assembly, motor is noisy, glass platter. In other words pure junk.
Good pick.
Happy listening.

Yes, I have experience with both - modern tables from Pro-ject and Music Hall and a pristine vintage one.  I also agree that a properly functioning vintage table made in Japan by Technics, Sony, Micro Seiki, et al can compete and perhaps even sound better than modern Class C (as you put it) offerings.  Providing they are operating at factory spec!  So you have to careful as this should not be a blanket statement.  There a lot of newbies out there using 40 year old CL tables that sound horrible because someone said how great vintage is and it can be found cheap. 

Also, the problem is that there is little to no GOOD VINTAGE available at a couple of hundred.  There is only VINTAGE needing repair in order to be made GOOD at this price.  If one has the skills to do the work themselves, great - vintage is the way to go vs. entry level modern tables.  If not though and a repair shop has to be found, then the good vintage becomes far more than a couple of hundred. 

I am a huge fan of vintage tables. The build quality is outstanding. If you're handy, you can easily service most everything yourself. 
Another reason I like vintage is that I prefer idler drive. Not many new ones to choose from and the prices of those that exist is ridiculous. 
Right you are norman , but many are not handy .