Why B&O speakers are not mentioned here at all?

I was looking for a GOOD pair of loudspeakers for a several months.
I saw many nice reviews here, but I didn't fine any word about Bang Olufsen.
Any reason?
B&O apparently used to have a lot of credibility with audiophiles, however, over the course of time they seem to have sacrificed sound quality for cutting edge looks and asthetics.

Seems that the general agreement is for the price you can find equipment that offers superior sonics, but it might not look quite as Space-Age or Futuristic.

B&O has latley offered some well reviewed equipment, and looks like they are trying to get back into the "Audiophile" market.
Have to agree with SLAPPY, in my opinion B&O is WAY overpriced for their sound quality in relation to other brands. But if STYLE is your No.1 priority then give them a go.
They have the BOSE way of marketing themselves IMHO.