Why audiophiles are different (explained with color)

A very interesting video on color and color perception. How it comes into being.

In the act of doing so, it illustrates how the complexity of the high end audio world comes into existence.. 

at the same time it explains how we end up with almost what you would call 'violent detractors'. Negative detractors.

People unable to discern nuance. Audio haters. As in .....non evolved people, regarding audio.

This is not a put down, it merely uses the words to describe the position in life they are in at the time. They may evolve more into the given audio directions, or they may not. It is a matter of will, choice, time, and innate capacity to do so.

Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn't See Blue
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Ya see what I mean. Not just elite drivel but bullies that show their stripes when someone stands up to them. Can't talk about audio so they gotta be bullies.
Bullies where? 
Only stating fact. So who’s are you ? What alias is this now? I am sure you have been booted from this site several times....
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