Why Audiophile Cables Might Sound Better

Very good and mostly thorough info here about cables. Considering the positive header, an alternate view may be " Why Cables Might NOT sound better". This too is covered in the video. I have been as much a skeptic as anyone but I kept an open mind. I built up my system and learned how and what to listen for. Power cables were the last to be added. I had previously been sent PC’s to evaluate, some with $1500 price tags. I had heard no difference. However after my system and hearing developed, I tried some inexpensive cables with a 30 day return policy. To my surprise they DID make a difference.
FWIW, the worst piece of equipment I ever bought had the best specs. I learned that lesson in the ’80’s . Some may need to learn it for themselves. If that is your course, then so be it. Enjoy the journey.

Why audiophile cables might sound better - YouTube
I like him because he is thorough and tries to expose both sides of the argument. I'll check out the link. Hans has a similar video but I have not seen it. Thanks
after my system and hearing developed

Close. Not hearing. Your hearing didn’t change. This is a common mistake people make, hearing. Hearing is passive. You hear the test tone, or you don’t. Listening is active. Listening is a skill. What developed is your listening skills, your active ability to discern details and relationships among a longer list of sonic attributes.

In the beginning you couldn’t hear power cords. Now you can. But not because your system is better. Take your power cord to a friend with much worse stuff. Swap it out. You will hear it. This will prove 2 things: one- it is not the system! You will find you can hear the difference just fine no matter what system you put it in. And two- there is no such thing as component matching! The power cord sounds just the same, makes the same difference, no matter where you take it.

This is the beginning of audio wisdom. Enjoy the ride!