Why aren't there any used Jolida JD9 on the market

Where are they all? I've been browsing AudioGon for months...
I've been hoarding them all.
They are nice sounding and can be easily upgraded
They go in cycles. Early in 2013 I was looking for a phono pre and there were JD9's listed every week for a month or two. Keep looking they will show up!
I bought mine used and had to be patient until one came available, but it was worth the wait. Upgraded to OP627 opamps and have never desired anything more. Hang in there; you won't regret it.

I purchased a new modified version from jolida and it is much better than the stock unit.
Did you try a "Want To Buy" ad?
Definitely try the Want To Buy ad here on audiogon or an alert on ebay. I've seen used Jolida JD9s appear there more as of late. I've had good experiences with that rather than trying to find them by checking daily.

You may see more Jolida JD9 phono preamps available as I believe they are coming out with a JD9 Mk2 soon.
I have one for sale that is brand new. Black body, silver face. Has sound deadening installed plus nos mullards. Looking for $450 shipped com. US. This literally has never been used. I bought the pre to match my jd502crc which is now sold, never bought the TT to match as I came on hard times. Email me: reaper6060 at A O L dot com.
Anyone wanna sell a used one for cheap?
01-02-14: Whaiyun
Anyone wanna sell a used one for cheap?

LOL! Sure, why not? Is $0.78 cheap enough? I'll pay shipping and Paypal fees too!! LOL!!

Happy New Year!!
I was shopping for a used JD9mk2 (I used to have a JD9, but sold it a while ago). During my search, I saw the original version for sale at spearitsound.com (in their used/demo section, for only $379). I have no affiliation with them (and, I don't even know if I'm allowed to mention a vendor around here).
Just passing on the info I found.