Why Are You Waiting???

Hi All. But, why are waiting? For 'THEM' to create the sound you are looking for??? Have you tried experimenting with solutions to the sound 'lackings' that you hope they will come up with? Cleaner highs, etc.???
My question would be, what have you done to solve the perceptions you see in your current Speakers? Thanks.
Personally, I have added a Fountek Neo CD2.0 ribbon tweeter. What have you tried?
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I am not a DIY type, but, after hearing numerous systems that use ancient Western Electric 713 drivers, I finally put the money down on a pair of 713b drivers. Fortunately for me, my speakers have no baffle/enclosure for the midrange, so it will be pretty easy to physically integrate this driver in my system. I know some people who can help with the crossover.

This will be an interesting, albeit expensive, project. But, I have not heard ANY currently manufactured speakers that I like as much as the custom systems I've listened to recently that use some pretty old drivers. I recently got to hear a system that uses an old, 13" Jensen field coil driver as the only driver and was surprised at the dynamic, realistic and enjoyable the sound that this ancient driver can deliver. However, this driver is even more difficult to obtain than the Western Electric driver I am getting.
Walker HDL's really work!
take room acoustics into account.
I've added Walsh-type 360-degree super tweeters to my VMPS RM2's (came with 2 spiral ribbons per speaker).

But the best thing by far was to add the Lyngdorf DPA-1 digital preamp with RoomPerfect room correction. It basically transformed my listening room quite close to "perfect". And it gave me several great subtle voicing options at the push of a button that allow any recording to sound its best. I'm like a kid in a candy shop with this thing!

It took the place of a very good tube preamp and the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2, plus it has the digital room correction and a crossover and outputs for separate woofers if you need it.
I like clarity, and perfect upper frequencies.
Power conditioners were the solution for me.
I wod like to experiment with active crossover EQ options, I still seem to "hear" them especially ones I could afford leave IMO a negative footprint but it sure is promising. You can take the room only so far for most if us and speakers all react within those limited rooms so active correction would seem the final frontier.
Elizabeth; Do you run your power amps through the power conditioners? Is all that plugged into the same outlet?


Im not waiting im jumping on it NOW!!
Room acoustics transformed my Home theatre set up.
DIY or envelope panels from ATS acoustics.
I think I spent $200.