Why are Voodoo Cables not seen on Audiogon used?

I've had the opportunity to audition and then buy several of their power cords and they are stellar. I'd guess their other cables are very good as well, yet the brand is rarely seen here used. I would suppose that might indicate a high degree of satisfaction? What do others think?
keep looking. post wanted.
It could be due to the name. If I saw listings for cables called Voodoo I would honestly stay away. Maybe they did have some listings got no offers and then moved elsewhere.

Like Marakanetz said post and wanted ad and you will get results. I've posted wanteds in the past and was able to get in touch with sellers.
Probably because no one has counterfeited them yet.
Once someone decides to make fake ones.. PLENTY will be available
I have a VooDoo Vector Dragon and yes, it is a very good PC. It is a very close second to the VH audio AirSines in my experience. You do see some used VooDoo ICs occasionally on Used Cable.com, but you are right, you don't see them come up for sale here much. I think one has to assume VooDoo is selling cables, since they are staying in business, and since they don't come up for sale, its not a stretch to think that means they have happy customers.
I guess there may be several reasons as stated above. I just wondered what the consensus was among members. It is funny about the name really. I didn't like it or the looks of the cables, but when I let my ears do the listening the choice was easy. Nice stuff.
Years ago, I talked with Bruce when they had only been in business I short while and he said much of his sales were overseas. Perhaps that's still the case. I used a number of his P/Cs. I liked them, but went other directions.
Timothy m-Very Observant! Very rarely do Aural Symphonics-Blue Circle or Silver Circle Audio pc's show up on Audiogon.
Well, Dayglow I do have a Blue Circle USB Thingee that is quite old. Had it for many years before computer audio was the craze. Just wanted something a little better than the output from my Mac Pro.
They are excellent. Like Lossloss cables, folks buy them and keep them. They both made well made cables, with Lessloss really using new designs from their power cords thru their speaker cables, sonic bliss from both.
Possibly because it's not a full time "cable production" operation. Although the raw materials aren't all that expensive, sometimes equipment and/or labor to construct cables IS expensive.

I've only had one experience with Voodoo cables - probably around 10 years ago. I bought a power cord, compared it to several others, and sent it back within the allotted return period - had just decided that a competitor's cable was better in my application at the time. The power cord was not bad, it just wasn't the best of several I demoed.

Well, I got the loudest, most hateful, accusation-filled response I had ever heard from the owner, both verbally and through emails. Very very ugly.

I told myself I would never do business with a company like that.
ZU has probably sold 3 thousand times as much wire as Voodoo in last 5 years and you see very little of it on here
considering amount they sold.
Because they sound good. Like LessLoss cables. We keep them, and are not on the merry-go-round of buying cables over and over. Point proven you will see the same names for sale over and over, why folks are not happy or they think the next and latest design will better there system, that is marketing. When you gain the experience and a good ear you know when something is correct, after that you change due to system setup or just a itch to change. Vooddoo is a class build cable, second to none in quality and design.
Why stay away? You need a marketer saying how great our cables are, Voodoo sells by word of mouth and really that is the best marketing there is. I owned several and love them, and I've owned all the big names also. Your missing out on some good well made cables.
Because only 9 guys got them.