Why are Trolls not blocked

Thats it. Why are the obvious repeat trolls not blocked from using this site by the mods?

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Hilarious! Water and bread only?


Oh, I get my popcorn bowl and beverage out :)


The mods will regularly shut down discussions for what seems like no valid reason at all. Other times they will let threads go on far too long. Some people seem unable to follow very simple rules and can't keep their political peckers in their pants


I wasn't projecting :) And I agree. The sad state of threads/posters will drive people away. 


True all that


It's not easy, thats why it is as it is. And you are correct. Kindness is sadly under utilized


Asked out of curiosity really. (not something I care to make a cause) And yes, some do get their "free speech" banners out not realizing this is a private forum. 

Whatever are you referring to?
As a Norwegian, I suppose I qualify as a Troll. Although, not sitting under a bridge...