Why are there so many Stealth Indra for sale now

If it was the best thing then why many people are dumping it? even dumping 2 pairs?
People find it over priced or out performed by some other cables?
Well... there aren't that many Indra's to begin with. It was less than 500 pairs made. The beta model was priced at $1K and the retailed price was priced at $5.75K.
Regardless of the cost, I've seen at least 5 Ads on Indra. All the Indra users rave so high. Maybe it is not so hot as what they expected?
consider this also...usually audiophiles that are using $5.75k cables...(regardless of whether or not they paid retail price)...probably have pretty high disposable incomes and swap out cables more frequently than others...a $2-3k hit is chump change to some people (definitely not me haha) and that is just the name of the game. If these people didn't buy large and lose big, then there would be no Audiogon for us to buy used and lose little.

just my 2c
power_by_tube@verizon.net, thanks for asking. I don't understand why these questions irk some so but now I know something that I would not have had you not asked.
How about sheer coincidence?When I worked at the HD dealership wrenching 40hrs a week,their would be like 4-5 clutch problems come in and then you wouldn't see one for 3 weeks.Or 6 base gasket leaks,then,none for 10 days...we used to laugh,but I digress.....I think this being the same logical paradox,my .02$...Bob
Or could it be a scam? It got high rave so that audiogoners would believe it is such a bargain. Once compared to a $100 cable and found no better?