Why are there so many Stealth Indra for sale now

If it was the best thing then why many people are dumping it? even dumping 2 pairs?
People find it over priced or out performed by some other cables?
i think if you will look at the adds the people are changing rca to xlr or upgrading to the non-beta version ..as i did.as far as being too expensive you buy what you can afford or should,anyway.there isn't a perfect cable for every system.....are they as good as the reviews?......i think so and i have tried may as expensive..more expensive and less expensive.......they are the best in my system.
I agree with Calloway, what you see are mainly beta versions being sold off, not dumped. Most folks believe the production versions are better than the beta version.

System matching is critical and again as Calloway points out, the Indra may be the best in one system and not so good in others. Its trial and error and the ability to buy and sell on Audiogon makes it all possible.
Pardon me for being less than kind, but these "why are there so many... for sale" questions are really stupid. How is anyone other than the seller going to answer this question? There are as many reasons for selling gear as there are people on the face of the earth.

When you look at the Stealth Indra's for sale, what percentage of the Indra's ever sold are available here now? 1/10 of 1%??? The number is mocroscopic compared to what was made and sold!

Why is there so much gear for sale??? Is everyone in the world dumping all of their stereo equipment?
Maybe their Significant Other saw the Bank Statement? I was just offered an Indra for trade towards my Harmonix cable, from a Stealth Dealer. My Cable, plus $2500.00 out of my pocket. Some Trade Huh?

Honestly Stealth Cables don't retain their resale value, like other companies. Which is a shame as they are great cables! As I had a tough time getting close to 13% Mfrp out of a few mint pairs of $2000.00 PGS, & 35% on a pair of M-7's. So I'll play with an Indra in a year, or so when the buzz wears off. As I guess there will be even more used available???

For now it's a cable for the higher tax bracket audiophiles with more disposible income. As the Indra right now would make my wallet look anorexic like Kate Moss!
I agree with Nrchy...these "why are there so many such & suches for sale" questions really don't say much. Are you looking for someone to say "because xyz sucks"?

I guess that the reason that you don't see many "My First Sony's" for sale. They must be so good that no one would ever think of selling theirs.
Ellery 911 has a good point:

Perhaps these threads should be titled:

"Do you think XXX Brand Sucks?"

People sell for a thousand reasons...but I think what you really want to know is "Does the Indra Suck"?

Am I wrong?
I'm afraid I have to side with Nrchy on this one. There seems to be an inordinant number of posts of this type popping up lately, to which the only logical answer is: "Who knows?"

Better yet, who cares? More for me!!!

All kidding aside, I think Dan hit the nail on the head. A better question might be: "Is there something wrong with x?"
Why so many Sony Dvp-s7700 dvd players?
Why so many Sony SCD-1's?


There's really not that many Indra's up, compared to the 2 items I see a lot of above.
Nrchy, that's cold (albeit true).

BTW, why are there so many Klyne's for sale on AudiogoN right now? Oh.....wait.......never mind.

Frank, go listen to your Janus.....NOW!
Well... there aren't that many Indra's to begin with. It was less than 500 pairs made. The beta model was priced at $1K and the retailed price was priced at $5.75K.
Regardless of the cost, I've seen at least 5 Ads on Indra. All the Indra users rave so high. Maybe it is not so hot as what they expected?
consider this also...usually audiophiles that are using $5.75k cables...(regardless of whether or not they paid retail price)...probably have pretty high disposable incomes and swap out cables more frequently than others...a $2-3k hit is chump change to some people (definitely not me haha) and that is just the name of the game. If these people didn't buy large and lose big, then there would be no Audiogon for us to buy used and lose little.

just my 2c
power_by_tube@verizon.net, thanks for asking. I don't understand why these questions irk some so but now I know something that I would not have had you not asked.
How about sheer coincidence?When I worked at the HD dealership wrenching 40hrs a week,their would be like 4-5 clutch problems come in and then you wouldn't see one for 3 weeks.Or 6 base gasket leaks,then,none for 10 days...we used to laugh,but I digress.....I think this being the same logical paradox,my .02$...Bob
Or could it be a scam? It got high rave so that audiogoners would believe it is such a bargain. Once compared to a $100 cable and found no better?
You could be right, or maybe your 'hidden' agenda is finally revealed. Who gave the cables those high reviews? Would anyone who makes a living reviewing gear be stupid enough to shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Power by Tube, I don't know what you do for a living, but can you be successful at your chosen career by lying to your potential customers, or the people who trust you. You might be able to lie to a person once, and if they are stupid maybe a couple of times, but as a way of life??? That does not work in the real world. Is it safe to assume you started this as a troll?

Maybe you can't afford it, so you feel the need to denegrate the product. Just because something is for sale doesn't mean it is not a good product. Name any single item, no matter how good or expensive, it's been for sale on AudiogoN.

So what does it mean?
Nrchy, I've tried many products and 80% turn out to be average and below average. I believe many folks out here might had similar experience. I just don't understand why one thing got such have rave and next thing owners are dumping it. One thing I see is the pricing. Sellers are jacking up price higher than what they they paid in some cases. We already know how much the seller paid to the manufacture regardless of the msrp.
So I start wonder if these owners did shoot themselves in the foot and trying to get rid of the product by giving high mark.
if 80% of the products you have tried turn out to be average or below average...don't you think it's time for a new hobby?...sounds like you're not having much luck with this one.

and the point of your original question was???
Well, doing the math- how can 80% of ANYTHING be average?
Each person has different taste and expectations.
If all are that good then I would have a warehouse full of cables and gears. If nothing spectacular then why bother keep it around. There goes the 80% of the average cable.
Do they have CDs for "Hooked on Math?" ; )
"I just don't understand why one thing got such have rave and next thing owners are dumping it."

That's the answer to your thread's question, buddy. This hobby is 80% hyperbole and 20% hi-fi.
Hyper-bowling? is that with the lights off and the loud music?
Shoot, sorry, that's what I meant. The 'w' and 'e' are right next to each other.