Why are there so many PS Audio BHK-mono or stereo amps for sale? What Gives?

Yes there are no absolutes in audio and every situation is different. I’m curious about These amps. Is it that so many who never had tubes wanted to try them? Is it that they are mis-matched; why are there so many BHK amps for sale, either stereo 250 or 300 mono’s? People are not keeping them and I want to know from experienced owners who kept or sold them?

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I think it is simply that they have sold a lot so more show up on the used market.

I count 8 ads presently with either of these amps, and 5 are dealers selling new.  Doesn't seem crazy to me, as I think they've sold a lot of them.

I have owned the 300 Mono's for 2½ years, and I have not thought about other amplifiers since.  They match just beautifully with my TAD CR-1 speakers, having all the drive needed to get the woofer moving fast enough to keep up with the speedy beryllium mid/tweets, and they sound very musical while revealing more information from the mix than I have experienced before.  I have made fine use of the triode tube inputs to tune their flavor to my system and preferences (Amperex 6922 White Labels do it for me!).  They present a very 3D stage, they just sound very "natural" to me (I attend a lot of live musical performances every year), and do so across the full spectrum of music, as I listen to most genres (early music to electronica, etc.).  I did later add the BHK preamp, and it was a surprisingly strong upgrade, too.
They replaced some fine VAC gear that I had used for some years (Phi 200 amp, and Ren Sig II pre).  They are the real deal IME.  YMMV.