Why are there so many PS Audio BHK-mono or stereo amps for sale? What Gives?

Yes there are no absolutes in audio and every situation is different. I’m curious about These amps. Is it that so many who never had tubes wanted to try them? Is it that they are mis-matched; why are there so many BHK amps for sale, either stereo 250 or 300 mono’s? People are not keeping them and I want to know from experienced owners who kept or sold them?

BHK 250 definitely sounds better with the BHK Pre.
I'd spent over a year listening to the BHK250 at the factory I worked at, and I actually think it sounds good, certainly not a turkey.
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And to make it not sound good, you'd have to do a lot wrong.

I currently own a Datasat RA2400 (I managed to get it cheaper than a used BHK 250), and I'd like a BHK Pre when I can afford one, and I get spousal approval on such a purchase.

If you're asking because you want an idea of what they sound like, I find them to deliver a clean detailed sound, with a good punch in the bass. Of course the loudspeakers have a very significant role in the final sound. I found the BHK 250 quite a good performer, though we'd had better tested in the system.

A surprising amplifier was the Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP that had resistors and capacitors in the signal path upgraded, and Prima Luna KT120's.

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I think it is simply that they have sold a lot so more show up on the used market.