Why are there so few BNC cables to choose from

And is there a big difference between them?

 I need a BNC cable from my external dac to my intetgrated to bypass the internal dac. There are some high dollar cables out there, but are they that much better than the commercial grade cables I used when I did productions back in the day?  Currently I’m using an AQ, rca digital cable with BNC adapters, but I’m told the adapters mess with the highs and that I need to ditch them.

Over the holidays I chatted with someone at Morrow Audio about BNC cables and they told me to go to Amazon!

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I currently use the reasonably priced Nordost Silver Shadow between my Berkeley Alpha DAC and Alpha USB. A quick search turned up a couple of these in the used market for around $200. Might be worth checking out….

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What did you have in there before? Could you tell an immediate difference when you installed it?

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They’re not that popular yet, but if you are talking BNC, you already know the benefits. No on the adapters. Kimber Kable makes some cables with BNC connectors too. I prefer the sliver, +1 Nordost. I use BNC's for analog, they sound great.

Make sure you are getting 75ohm BNCs for digital audio use and not the alternative 50ohm BNCs.

A Belden 4794R SDI 12G from Blue Jeans cables did a fine job in my system, better some HiFi aimed digital interconnects I tried and it’s not too pricy. Pay attention to the minimum bend radius though and it’s quite stiff. They’ve since added some thinner versions to the list.

me neither, they are readily available, and provide a proper 75 ohm termination

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I never said I couldn’t find any BNC cables. I asked two questions. Why don’t more high end cable companies sell them and with Morrow Audio telling me to go to Amazon, I was asking how much difference was there between “High End” BNC cables and the ones I have from a production I did?

If memory serves, they all came from Sweetwater.




Why are there so few BNC cables to choose from

And is there a big difference between them?


the above is what you said, so a number of us responded

i typed in 'bnc digital audio cable' into google and about 50 options popped up, many from higher end cable shops or brands like nordost, dh labs, moon audio, art audio - reality is, bnc cables are just terminated differently than ones with rca ends, it is really no big deal, any shop that is selling cables they assemble in house can put on a bnc termination

is there a big difference between them? i say yes, if one's system is resolving -- but just like any other cabling, some will say none of it matters much

I have 3 BNC cables running from my CD Transport to my DAC.  I bought 3 Nordost Silver Shadow BNCs and found the sound is better than the standard $6 cables. Certainly not 10x better but since it was an improvement my nervosa would not let me return them.  

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On the suggestion of @nealkot ​​@fiesta75 , I just ordered a Nordost, Silver Shadow from a vendor here on Agon. Hopefully it gets here in good time.

Thanks for the lead.


Thanks @tonywinga,

 I just say your reply and did indeed order the Nordost Silver Shadow cable.

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@curiousjim, congrats! Glad you got it sorted. I replaced a 110 ohm Shunyata Delta with the Nordost BNC so I haven’t compared it to other BNC cables….I can say that all my other cables are Transparent and the Nordost is still in. It’s a well made cable and it makes a very solid connection. Enjoy the cable….and the journey….




I would think a lot of it has to do with the fact that BNC connections haven’t been widely adopted by the manufacturers, therefore not a huge market for cables.