Why are there few spherical speakers?

We all know the best shape for speakers is spherical so why are there so few of them on the market? I have heard the excuse that spheres are hard to produce but that is not a good reason because even when you get to the price point of a Magico, they still choose to use the same old rectangular shaped box. 

Why do speaker companies think its ok to take us audiophiles for a ride by selling us inferior box shaped speaker designs? 
Quad also shaped their sound to mimic a point source a foot or two behind the speaker. They energized different panel zones using a delay ladder with high voltage caps and inductors - each part introducing distortion. Yes, they sound very good, but a little less clear than they might otherwise. No free lunch.
Speakers are only one aspect of the sound.  Why did you buy a preamp and amp that is inferior?

Happy Listening.
Not precisely spherical but not successful as they sound impressive but ultimately a bit crap. https://www.whathifi.com/us/devialet/gold-phantom/review
And if there are so great, why arent all speakers spherical. If they were, engineering-wise, the best solution then most speakers would long be spheres and no one is in the busi was to not make their interpretation of the best sound. What peer-reviewed engineering papers can you produce that say spherical is best?
kenjit "We all know the best shape for speakers is spherical ..."

I did not know that. You are stating this as a fact. Provide some empirical evidence.


P.S. Do you know guitarsam?