Why are speakers rarely satisfactory?

The vast majority of audiophiles spend decades or even their entire life searching for speakers that sound right. All of us on this forum are searching for that perfect sound. You would think that out of all the different speakers out there, there would be one that meets a persons requirements. So why are most audiophiles rarely satisfied?
There are literally hundreds of speakers on the market. Surely one of those would very closely match the preferred frequency response being sought, so what is going on here?
Most quality speakers are satisfactory to outstanding
Most audiophiles simply cannot stop upgrading no matter how much they spend. How long have you been on the merry go round?
I have had 3 pairs of speakers in the last 25 years. One of those changes was do to a room size change. Wow, I am getting so dizzy on this merry-go-round. What a maroon ... 
Speakers - late model run Infinity IRS Beta
Amplification -
THD - 0.01% 20Hz-20KHz 4 ohms
                      750w-750w               Mid &Tweet
         -0.05% 20Hz-20KHz 4 ohms
                     700w-700w                Bass
A few years, mistakes, trial runs, and work...I don't care what's out there