Why are so many owners trying to sell Scansonic?

I've been seeing a good number of Scansonic (MB-2.5, 3.5) speakers for sale recently. These are fairly new speakers, so I am trying to understand why people are selling them in such a short period of time of ownership. It is said that Scansonic has the Raidho DNA, but some people said it sounds nothing like Raidho. What gives?
Why are so many people asking why so many people are selling so many components of different brands? As long as you haven't read anything about the piece in question being poorly designed or unreliable, what does it matter what other people choose to buy and sell?
This same question is asked every few weeks by someone about something, and it just gets tiresome after a while.
bcoz there are too many and not needed.
you can take an advantage to offer very low(low-ball) to each and every seller and than short-sell at higher price.
Hype sells. All the spin that hit the web about it's Raidho roots even got me thinking but I already love my Clearwave Duet 6 monitors (which look a heck of a lot like Marten Duke 2 monitors at 1/3 the price).

[thought I'd throw in some hype of my own]

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I had a very, very, aggressive sales person reach out to me regarding Scansonic's. I love Raidho Speakers, but their out of my price range. I didn't want to give up my speakers without hearing Scansonic speakers and the dealer wouldn't let me try them at home.
Could the answer be as simple as coincidence?

At any given time clusters of items may appear on the used market. I think the questions are being raised because of concern that equipment problems or defects could be causing these clusters.

In rare cases this may be the cause but generally there's probably other explanations including coincidence.
I believe a lot of those earlier ads were dealer ads using AudiogoN as an inexpensive way to promote their product.
Does anyone really care??
I don't think there is any reason to get uptight over what the OP asked, even if similar things are posted all day and night.

I think the whole thing is part of the "hobby" in and of itself. Many people like to try different things, whether or not it is because of hype, genuine curiosity or whatever. Out of these types, some move them along to maybe try other things.

Newer products seem to have a cycle in the first several months or year, things get recycled, part of the lay of the land so to speak.

To each their own, but in the end, it can be a great opportunity for some to try something they might not be able to otherwise afford-or want to.

The important thing is to just enjoy the music!