Why are older tubes so much sought after

What is it with old stock tubes?? They were made years ago and surely by now we have must learned something about making them. So why are some people searching for old tubes. I have a Shanling CD player and I actually think the stock tubes are better than the 395a tubes.

I have had the same experience with 12au7.

Fantastic film. I have not seen that one before. Notice all the internal parts are selected and moved by hand, and not a rubber glove to be seen. All the salt from sweaty hands carefully preserved inside.

I will go for new valves I think...
Juanpablocuervo and Chadeffect, it's so exciting that you two love the Sovtek new production tubes so much!

OK, so that everyone is happy and sees I am not an ungenerous person, I am willing to buy 1 Sovtek equivalent, be it 12AX7, 12AU7, or whatever for each old tube you can provide me. On top of that, I'll even pay for the shipping!

Man, you guys are going to make out like bandits.
Juanpablocuervo, Chadeffect, and Trelja,

What kind of music do you listen to? I have found with these more colored tubes, it sounds great with violin, guitar, and female vocal music. However, with piano and orchestra music, less colored tubes are more desirable.
Actually to adress Blueranger's original question...

In Tennis(I have played alot,for many years)one has the ability to choose the stringing type and tension as well as racket type,which will best serve one's game.

In acoustic guitars,the same thing almost.You choose a guitar type(dreadnaught,or Concert body,or Jumbo, etc)along with the preferred "tone woods" to voice a particular style of play...or musical flavor.Strings too.

With tubes,it's almost the same thing.It is very easy to voice a particular sonic preferrence,once one becomes familiar with what's out there.

Of course this can also be done in other ways.However.....tubes "can" allow a good system,with a careful owner,to be intriguing and down right captivating if done right.If the tube type is not up to snuff,it can easily be pulled out for a better match....we hope!Seems to me that many folks like this.

I've heard as many lousy sounding tube based rigs as SS set-ups,but when a good tube system is in front of me,it's instantly obvious!!And sorry....the better NOS tubes sound much better than the new alternatives.I wish it was not my experience,but it's so!

Btw,my own set-up is a hybrid,so I'm not in any specific camp.

My own personal feeling is that musical preference has little to do with what tubes (or, loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD players, etc.) I prefer. The best tubes, loudspeakers, amps, or whatever do best with all of the many genres of music I listen to.

I will say that personal preference does play a role. For example, many people feel Sylvania 6SN7 to be among the best of the bunch, as there is a clarity and openness there. But, for a lot of applications, I prefer the honkin' fat mid/upper bass that the RCA variants lend. Likewise, the Telefunken 12AX7 is consideres the gold standard, but I find Sylvania Triple Mica 5751 to be so much more open and beautiful, these tubes just seem to make everything bigger, and everything gets better with no tradeoffs whatsoever. Again, that holds true whether I'm listening to hard rock, classic jazz, or dusty 1950s female vocals.