Why are most speakers designed for robots?

I recently decided to get a used pair of speakers as part of a trade deal and to my amazement, they have performed far better than any of my previous Wilson's, B&W's or Dynaudio speakers.  They are Krell Resolution 2 speakers (my system IS all Krell).  They are just far more realistic tonally, crazy dynamic and have a full sounding warm mid-band.  Bass is crushing with oodles of texture and pitch definition.  Obviously designed for humans who listen to music NOT played back in an anechonic chamber.  It is shocking to me how bad so many high end speakers sound to my ear...all precision and no life, like a robot!
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As you described this.....

IMO It's not that all the other speaker brands are anything less than fine in their own right, it's just that that were non-optimal in your rig.

Your new-found ones have that the ethereal synergy with the rest of your system that was apparently missing before .
Certainly some merit to Synergy being a factor, but I have owned many speakers with a lot of various gear.  The Wilson WP 6's and Totem speakers offer the kind of exceptional experience I referred to in my post.  It's just that the Res 2's just seem to have that special balance of musicality and high definition that makes everything sound alive and vibrant!
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That's it scott_w....feel like I finally nailed the Audio Nexus, where my analytical brain is satisfied enough to let the rest of my brain be absorbed by the music.  I can really feel like I'm with the musicians in the same space...reinvigorates me and relaxes me at the same time!!
Totally agree with Dave. In the sound vs music spectrum I'm on the music side. Wilsons and other hyper precise gear make detailed sound, require space age set up and only sound good with certain recordings. I am in this game to hear great music - even, gasp, on sub optimal recordings. 
Exactly skoczylas...I have thousands of CD's and not all are audiophile approved.  I am amazed how much detail and air I can get out of the Krell's, just without crossing the line into hyper detailed.
Hi Dave b,  congratulations on the fine krell resolution 2 speaker's,  I agree hugely with your assessment of nearly all high end speaker's,  the speaker's are the one thing I believe is the most over priced products in the entire audio chain,  next would be cable's,  however,  I get way more performance out of cable's that cost the same amount of speaker's,  say  $20,000.00 for an example,  that is why I have cable's listed second here,  and second because of the huge profit margin cable manufacturer's make considering a week of labor, and material cost,  and week of labor if you are getting some hand built exotic cable retailing north of  $25,000.00 for 8ft speaker cable's,  cheers dave.
I also have found that the cables I use have been key to unleashing the potential of my equipment.  Although my interconnect and speaker cables alone list for $29K, I have worked with an online dealer for years who allows me to retain my previous purchase value and heavily discounts my new purchases.  My latest purchase cost me only $13K vs the $29K for example and that was before trade in discounts which brang the cost down substantially more.  In my system, the cables are the arteries that let the musical blood flow unhindered and full of life giving tonality and dynamics!
dave_b, looks like you did not participate in this thread (which seems to have been made just for you!! :-) )


the thread is worth your reading.
Since i've posted my opinions on the above linked thread & I have the very same answer for you in this thread, I won't repeat myself. 
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Not sure if my speakers are 1rst order or not although I did have 1rst order speakers in the past.  All I know is that the Res 2's, Wilson WP 6's and Totem Winds I had were spectacularly musical compared to others I have heard.  The Res 2's just seem to make the Angel dance on the head of the pin!

ebm- Sup dude?  Why so glum chum?
boy is AKG correct!!   I have had my Vandersteens in place for about 5 years, and oh so casually, I got a shout out from John at Audioconnection in NJ who asked me for measurements from the speakers/room.  He suggested moving my sear forward 10 inches, and the speakers closer to the walls 6 inches, and oh my word, what a difference.  Its like escaping from the DEAD ZONE..  Setup is certainly a vital component to the others in the system.  ..and so is the place from whom you purchase.
I have a mental picture I can’t shake: ebm on Dancing with the Stars. Weird, I know. Fingers crossed. 
robots also need speakers.
This thread is nothing more than a very biased anecdotal personal fave discussion, Fine....BUT.....

For example, I would never diss or dismiss  WILSONS as anything less than very top tier product offerings. They all have unique sonic signatures.

At the last TAVES expo here in Toronto last fall, it was the NORDOST room showcasing  a well-north of $400K killer system that blew away the rest of the show ..... Full stop.

Of course having the NORDOST ODIN array cabling and very best Dan D'Agostino electronics powering the top-end WILSON speakers formed part of the magic we all heard.

If WILSONS were anything less than the very top tier product offerings available to them , why would they not choose KRELLS or ??? instead for THEIR system (operative words ... THEIR system)
After all, they are a cable company with no affiliation to any speaker brand and available to choose TANNOY Kingdom Royals, KRELLS , KEFs or whatever else....full stop.

There is no outright "best".... Just "better" or "best" tailored (limited) to YOUR system and also affected further by the  warts in your unique  listening environment 

again, in the simplest of terms, system synergy matters ....Big time... Full stop again.

Full stop indeed....thought I made it clear that I loved the other speakers but really appreciate the synergy I have now with my gear and cables.  Must say that under no circumstances have I heard a Nordost or any other cable loom that I liked better than my choice, MIT.  I also do not pretend to understand what some people listen to and or how they listen to their music...fuller stop!  Wouldn't mind some Danny Amps though...don't stop!
It's truly wonderful that you've found happiness with your current system, it really is.

Of course, if we're being objective, and we acknowledge the tens of thousands of living, breathing homo-sapiens currently (possibly even at this very moment) enjoying speakers from Wilson, B&W and Dynaudio, then we must consider the possibility that in your case, the problem wasn't the speakers...

Now, whether the fellas over at Dynaudio are testing new designs on androids that look like C3PO or R2D2, I'm skeptical but open-minded...
Yeah of course....I was those guys...I had those speakers and my systems were top notch mega buck affairs!  I suppose it's just a combination of fortunate pairings and my room that in this particular instance have allowed me to be exceptionally smitten.
I hope that robots aren't that silly to have :
Of course having the NORDOST ODIN array cabling

Domo arigato my friends....Domo!
Dave prefers his current speakers over the Wilsons he once owned.  I can understand that.  Does he need to offer an apology?  The Krells provided him superior listening satisfaction. Why is that difficult for some to accept?