Why Are Mono LP's So Undervalued By Most Classical Collector/Listeners?

I listen to perhaps 30 classical and jazz records a week. It’s part of my job. I get frustrated by how most classical music buyers’ avoid mono pressings and only chase the stereo copies. Some of the mono versions I have heard have spectacular, natural-sounding sonics. Buyers could get these mono versions for a fraction of the cost of the same in stereo. Why is that?

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered.
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I just can't get past the 3D imaging and visceral sense of space that comes from genuine, quality stereo recordings. As lovely as a mono recording might be when it comes to performance and timbre, it just ain't enough for this dude.  Right now, for example, I'm listening to an absolutely wonderful recording of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro via Primephonic.  The vocalists are wandering around the stage -- left & right and front to back.  An unalloyed delight.